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Catalog Number   Album Title Release Date
BRR-SR-00LET'S JUMP!/君の元へ2008
MOND-183 This album is a child albumMetal Gear Solid - Original Video Game SoundtrackSep 2019
N/APhantom GearAug 2020
N/AJust Cause 42019
N/A This album is a child albumThe Music of Red Dead Redemption II Original SoundtrackSep 20, 2019
REDA-02Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 22019
MIN002CTHorizon Chase Turbo [Limited Edition]Oct 01, 2019
302 067 410 1 This album is a child albumNo Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite UniverseSep 30, 2016
wax0006Skool Daze2003
DMD 1971Dead Souls1999
N/AMemories Of Tokyo-ToOct 2019
N/AHoverOct 2019
N/ASummit (8-Bit)Jul 2019
SOR006Gaijin BluesFeb 01, 2019
N/AThe Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix SpecialNov 15, 2019
SIR037 This album is a child albumMega Man 32019
N/ASecret of Mana2019
N/A This album is a child albumThe Greatest Video Game MusicSep 20, 2019
N/AOrange Island Original SoundtrackAug 2020
N/AOrange Island Remix AlbumAug 2020
8BIT-8099Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Vinyl Soundtrack2019
N/AOwlboy Original SoundtrackSep 2019
N/APoké & ChillDec 01, 2019
N/AThe Core (8-Bit)Jul 2019
N/ADouble Switch (25th Anniversary Edition)Nov 2019
LMLP017Bloodborne Original Soundtrack (Deluxe Double Vinyl)2019
N/A This album is a child albumRendOct 01, 2019
N/ARed Faction Official SoundtrackOct 2019
FG17 This album is a child albumDeltarune Chapter 1 SoundtrackJul 2019
N/ABad Mojo2019
Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Demo Scene, Event, Other Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Fanmade, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg

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