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Catalog Number   Album Title Release Date
K08S-3007Anime Best Coupling Series 5 Ie Naki Ko / Shin Ace wo Nerae!Sep 05, 1980
KR(H)-7165~6Best Library Double Deluxe Saishin Anime Shudaika Best Album1979
TV(H)-36Ie Naki KoSep 21, 1977
SKK(H)-2101Ie Naki KoNov 1977
K22G-7005Ie Naki Ko II Music CollectionNov 1980
SKM-1585Minna de Utaou! Anime Karaoke Best 161980
KIZC-67~9One Man's Music: The World of TAKEO WATANABE Animation & Special Effects PartJun 02, 2010
STLC-033~5Remi Sans Famille SONG & MUSIC COLLECTIONDec 27, 2017
SKM(H)-2301Saishin TV Manga Super Hit Parade Ie Naki Ko kara Uchuu Senkan Yamato made1977
Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Demo Scene, Event, Other Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Fanmade, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg

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