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SDEX-0043Game Sound Museum ~Namcot Edition~ 04 The Tower of Druaga / The Quest of KiDec 23, 2004CD
GNCA-7128The Tower of Druaga: Babylonian Castle Saga CollectionJan 23, 20094 CD
AVCD-23828/Bthe Tower of DRUAGA ~the Recovery of BABYLIM~/O.S.T.Apr 01, 2009CD
AVBA-29192BThe Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of URUK~ Original SoundtrackApr 24, 2009CD
TOWER-0001THE DRAMA CD The Tower of Druaga ~the Spoon of URUK~Apr 24, 2009CD
AVBA-29193BThe Tower of Druaga ~the Sword of URUK~ Drama CD ~the Spoon of URUK~ ShucchouhenMay 22, 2009CD
AVBA-29194BThe Tower of Druaga ~the Sword of URUK~ Original SoundtrackJun 26, 2009CD
AVBA-29195BThe Tower of Druaga ~the Sword of URUK~ Drama CD ~the Fork of URUK~ ShucchouhenJul 24, 2009CD
TOWER-0002THE DRAMA CD The Tower of Druaga ~the Fork of URUK~Jul 26, 2009CD
N/AThe Tower of Druaga (Original Soundtrack) [Game Sound Effect]Dec 08, 2009Digital
BSPE-1020~1The Tower of Druaga ~The Sound of URUK~ Original SoundtrackSep 08, 20102 CD

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Demo Scene, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg