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N/AARIA CHRONICLE Image Song CDJul 12, 2021CD
N/AARIA CHRONICLE Original SoundtrackJul 12, 2020Digital
CRAD-0018Chronos wa Yume wo MinaiMay 10, 2015CD
CRAD-0027Crest II HunqianmengyingDec 29, 2017CD
LACM-4530Crest of "Z's" / JAM ProjectSep 26, 2008CD
MCOL-0316Crest of FlamesOct 16, 2020Digital
MCOL-0316-CDChild albumCrest of FlamesMay 04, 2021CD
MCOL-0316-VChild albumCrest of FlamesOct 15, 2021Vinyl
AVCA-49031Crest of Knights / AyaneAug 24, 2011CD
AVCA-49030/BCrest of Knights / AyaneAug 24, 2011CD + DVD
OSTD-04588Crest of the Royal Family Drama CD SoundtrackJan 06, 2017CD
N/ACresteaju Original Soundtrack 2020Dec 05, 2020Digital
CRAD-0008Drive to ArriveDec 30, 2012CD
CRAD-0005Getsuyuu InsanityMay 27, 2012CD
CRAD-0019Guuzensei Shindo ≒ Futeisei ShinroAug 14, 2015CD
N/AIyashi no Kaze Vol.1 Oozora MajutsuMay 26, 2013CD
N/AIyashi no Kaze vol.2 Rendaino Yakou ~ Ghostly Field ClubAug 12, 2013CD
N/AIyashi no Kaze vol.3 Bouyuu Toukaidou ~ Retrospective 53 minutesOct 13, 2013CD
CRAD-0003Jolt CandyAug 13, 2011CD
N/AJust Broke upMay 26, 2013CD
CRAD-0017KagenDec 29, 2014CD
CRAD-0012Kagenagi RomanAug 12, 2013CD
LPR-760Kuro Crest Story TOWER RECORDS Bonus CDApr 13, 2016CD
N/AMETALLIC CHILD Original SoundtrackSep 24, 2021Digital
N/AMETALLIC CHILD Premium Music DiscSep 16, 2021CD
N/AMETALLIC CHILD Soundtrack CDSep 16, 2021CD
CRAD-0023NuDec 29, 2016CD
CRAD-0013Ookami to Miko to Okashi no IeDec 30, 2013CD
N/AOretachi Game Center Zoku: Moon CrestaJul 21, 2005CD
N/AOretachi Game Center Zoku: Terra CrestaOct 27, 2005CD
CRAD-0016Otona no KanColleDec 29, 2014CD
D30G-0083Ouke no Monshou Best CollectionMar 21, 1989CD
25P-7507Child albumOuke no Monshou Best CollectionMar 21, 1989Cassette
N20C-6Ouke no Monshou Illustration Story Video Original SoundtrackJun 21, 1988CD
ABCA-5067Child albumOuke no Monshou Illustration Story Video Original SoundtrackSep 25, 2004CD
N20U-6Ouke no Monshou Illustration Story Video Original SoundtrackJun 21, 1988Vinyl
N20T-11Child albumOuke no Monshou Illustration Story Video Original SoundtrackJun 21, 1988Cassette
T0189Child albumOuke no Monshou Illustration Story Video Original Soundtrack2005CD
CRAD-0004Rasen Gensou ~ Dolls of IndependenceDec 30, 2011CD
ANZX-14162Record of Grancrest War I DRAMA CDMay 30, 2018CD
ANZX-14164Record of Grancrest War II DRAMA CDJun 27, 2018CD
ANZX-14166Record of Grancrest War III DRAMA CDJul 25, 2018CD
ANZX-14168Record of Grancrest War IV DRAMA CDAug 29, 2018CD
SVWC-70349~50Record of Grancrest War Original SoundtrackJun 27, 20182 CD
N/ARecord of Grancrest War Sound TruckJun 14, 2018CD
ANZX-14170Record of Grancrest War V DRAMA CDSep 26, 2018CD
ANZX-14172Record of Grancrest War VI DRAMA CDOct 24, 2018CD
ANZX-14174Record of Grancrest War VII DRAMA CDNov 28, 2018CD
ANZX-14176Record of Grancrest War VIII DRAMA CDDec 26, 2018CD
CRAD-0001Ryugetsusho ~ Moon over MindMar 14, 2010CD
CRAD-0014Sail AwayAug 16, 2014CD
VPCG-84670Seikai no Monshou Original SoundtrackFeb 21, 1999CD
A8-1135Child albumSeikai no Monshou Original Soundtrack1999CD
CRAD-0002SENGENIMar 13, 2011CD
N/ATerra Cresta Original Soundtrack1986Cassette
GZCA-5213~4THE BEST History of GARNET CROW at the crest... [Limited Edition]Feb 10, 20103 CD
GZCA-5215~6THE BEST History of GARNET CROW at the crest...Feb 10, 20102 CD
PTCR0001thousand mirageAug 12, 2013CD
CRAD-0015Touhou AORMay 11, 2014CD
CRAD-0006VoicesAug 11, 2012CD
PCCB-00409Yukyu Music Festival ~From Enfield to Sheep Crest~ Drama CompilationMar 17, 2000CD
PCCB-00408Yukyu Music Festival ~From Enfield to Sheep Crest~ Vocal CompilationFeb 17, 2000CD

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Demo Scene, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg