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N/ABanjo-Kazooie: On PianoJan 24, 20143 Digital
N/ABanjo-Kazooie: On PianoMay 08, 2018Digital
N/ABanjo-Tooie: On Piano Vol. 1Jun 02, 2015Digital
N/ABanjo-Tooie: On Piano Vol. 2Sep 11, 2015Digital
N/ABest of Banjo-Kazooie: On PianoDec 11, 2017Digital
N/ABest of Castlevania: On PianoMar 09, 2015Digital
N/ABest of Donkey Kong Country: On PianoAug 06, 2018Digital
N/ABest of Final Fantasy: On PianoMar 22, 2018Digital
N/ADeltarune Chapter 1: On PianoFeb 14, 2019Digital
N/ADeltarune: On PianoNov 13, 2018Digital
N/ADonkey Kong Country 2 On Piano Vol. 1Oct 14, 2013Digital
N/ADonkey Kong Country: On PianoMay 09, 2014Digital
N/AFinal Fantasy VI: On Piano vol. 1Nov 15, 2013Digital
N/AFinal Fantasy VII: On Piano vol. 1Jul 03, 2015Digital
N/AGrandia II: On Piano EPMar 30, 2014Digital
N/AKirby's Dream Land: On PianoAug 15, 2016Digital
N/AKirby's Epic Yarn: On PianoFeb 20, 2014Digital
N/ALuigi's Mansion on PianoOct 17, 2013Digital
N/AMajora's Mask RevisedMar 31, 2017Digital
N/AMajora's Mask: On PianoDec 06, 2013Digital
N/AOcarina of Time Vol. 1: Towns & FieldsNov 03, 2014Digital
N/AQuest 64: On PianoDec 01, 2015Digital
N/AShadow of the Colossus: On Piano EPDec 01, 2014Digital
N/ASonic the Hedgehog Remixes Vol. 1Mar 29, 2014Digital
N/ASonic the Hedgehog Remixes Vol. 2Feb 29, 2016Digital
N/ASoulCalibur I & II: On PianoMay 05, 2015Digital
N/AStar Fox 64: On PianoOct 30, 2013Digital
N/ASuper Ghouls N' Ghosts: On PianoOct 01, 2014Digital
N/ASuper Mario 64: On PianoApr 19, 2014Digital
N/ASuper Mario Galaxy: On PianoAug 02, 2017Digital
N/ASuper Mario RPG Arranged on PianoMar 21, 2016Digital
N/ASuper Metroid: RevisedAug 08, 2014Digital
N/ATemples of OcarinaSep 14, 2018Digital
N/AThe Man with the Golden EyeMar 19, 2019Digital
N/AUndertale: Arranged on PianoFeb 02, 2016Digital
N/AWater VGM: On PianoDec 02, 2018Digital

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Radio/Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Game-adjacent, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg