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N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 1.Dec 10, 2012Digital
N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 2.May 18, 2013Digital
N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 3.Dec 24, 2013Digital
N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 4.Jun 27, 2014Digital
N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 5.Jan 09, 2015Digital
N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 6.Jan 06, 2016Digital
N/ABest of Hyde209 Vol 7.Jan 07, 2017Digital
N/AChampions Eternal - The Second ChanceFeb 15, 2012Digital
N/AHyde209 Vol 10.Apr 18, 2020Digital
N/AHyde209 Vol 8.Dec 08, 2017Digital
N/AHyde209 Vol 9.Dec 29, 2018Digital
N/AIce Climber - NES Black Box EPJan 27, 2017Digital
N/AJoe & Dave's Great EightMay 08, 2017Digital
N/AKabuki Quantum Fighter - Binary FlowMay 10, 2019Digital
N/AMario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds VOL 1.May 02, 2015Digital
N/AMario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds VOL 2.Feb 26, 2016Digital
N/AMega Man 3 - Turn of Events RemasteredOct 19, 2013Digital
N/AMega Man II - Journey's End RemasteredApr 07, 2013Digital
N/AMega Man IV - A New ThreatJul 04, 2016Digital
N/AMega Man V - Know Your EnemyJul 05, 2018Digital
N/AMegaMan 2 - Journey's EndFeb 07, 2011Digital
N/AStrider - Fall of the GrandmasterDec 04, 2013Digital
N/AStrider - Fall of the Grandmaster RemasteredSep 29, 2015Digital
N/ASuper Metroid MemoriesFeb 14, 2013Digital

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Demo Scene, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg