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N/A-=COVERS FROM GAME THEMES=-Oct 10, 2012Digital
N/A8 Bit OblivionJun 28, 2011Digital
liecd038-Bit Democracy (Capitalist Edition)Jun 30, 2009CD
N/A8-Bit Democracy (Socialist Edition)May 12, 2009Digital
N/AA Quarter of PastDec 25, 2014Digital
N/AAge of Dragons & ToadsAug 19, 2015Digital
N/AAlmost No MachinesJun 24, 2016Digital
N/AAltered BitAug 01, 2007Digital
EP-09Bad Dudes 2012 MAGFest SamplerJan 07, 2012Digital
N/ABattletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Single (and B-side)Aug 31, 2013Digital
N/ABattletoads & Double Dragon AlbumJun 17, 2015Digital
8BIT-8043Battletoads In BattlemaniacsAug 2018Vinyl
8BIT-8005Child albumBattletoads Original SoundtrackNov 2015Vinyl
N/ABattletoads Original SoundtrackSep 29, 2020Digital
8BIT-8005Battletoads Original Soundtrack SDCC EditionJul 09, 2015Vinyl
8BIT-8126Battletoads: Smash Hits20202 Vinyl
N/ABeware The Invasion!Jan 22, 20102 Digital
N/ABrassino Isles Tropical Cruise: A Video Game Getaway with FriendsJul 17, 2020Digital
N/AChild albumBrassino Isles Tropical Cruise: A Video Game Getaway with FriendsAug 15, 2020CD
N/AEntertainment System 64Aug 16, 2008CD
Duane and BrandoEP of Doom!Jun 27, 2008Digital
N/AExtra LivesFeb 01, 2011Digital
ACAD-0001Famicom LegendApr 29, 2013CD
N/AFamicom Memoria XXXSep 27, 2013Digital
N/AGame ArrangementsFeb 07, 2011Digital
N/AGame Boy Memoria XXVSep 12, 2014Digital
N/AGametunesFeb 19, 2013Digital
N/AGet to the ChopperJun 09, 2015Digital
N/AGromix Collection #022003Digital
N/AHashel05 Collection Vol.1Jun 28, 2015Digital
N/AInstrumental Of DevastationApr 06, 2012Digital
ME-002Intergalactic ContinuumSep 11, 2012CD
N/AJourney to NESMay 05, 2014Digital
N/AKilling TimeNov 04, 2012Digital
N/ALive at Columbia TheatreOct 26, 2015Digital
N/ALive at GR8bit Live! 3Oct 27, 2016Digital
N/ALP of DevastationDec 28, 2009Digital
N/ALP of Devastation (Edited)Oct 13, 2013Digital
N/ALP of Devastation [Remastered]Sep 26, 2013Digital
N/AMelodies From Video Games PastDec 23, 2015Digital
N/AMemories EPFeb 10, 2017Digital
N/AN.E.S.SIFIED LimitedJun 14, 2013Digital
N/ANES Tribute AlbumMay 25, 2014Digital
AFX 63Now You're Playing With Powar2003CD
N/AObligatory Ice Level Day 2010Dec 01, 2010Digital
N/APOWER PLAY! : N.E.S Remix AlbumMay 06, 2018Digital
N/APress Start - Entering The World of VGMMar 10, 2013Digital
N/ARare All-Stars 35th Anniversary Collection (Original Game Soundtracks)Aug 06, 2020Digital
N/ARemember To Salute Your Shorts2010Digital
N/AReplay Value (Remix, Remake, Replay)Aug 22, 2012Digital
N/ARise from Your GraveApr 07, 2016Digital
N/ASaturday Mornings Back In The DayJun 22, 2017Digital
N/ASEGANov 09, 2012Digital
liecd01Sex, Drugs N' NintendoAug 2004Digital
N/AShiryu's Arcade Volume 7Sep 28, 2012Digital
N/AShiryu's Arcade Volume 8Jul 28, 2013Digital
N/ASNES XXDec 21, 2012Digital
N/ASounds from The PastMar 01, 2016Digital
N/ASuper Mad Gear: Symphony of the FightJul 11, 2019CD
N/ATaste My PowerOct 2011Digital
N/AThe Humans Are Coming: Volume 1Apr 02, 2013Digital
N/AThe WreckeningFeb 19, 2016Digital
TPIH002This Game is Fucking BullshitJan 03, 2008CD
N/ATRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 1Jul 20, 2016Digital
N/AVideo Game MetalSep 14, 2017Digital
N/AVideo Game Music Acapella: Volume 2Apr 26, 2016Digital
N/AVideo Game Music Covers 2010 (Remastered)Aug 19, 2011Digital
ME-014Volume 4May 23, 2019CD
PR14Welcome To Warp Zone!Apr 20, 20153 Cassette
PR14Child albumWelcome To Warp Zone!Aug 31, 20163 Cassette
N/AYou're a Great ZombieApr 14, 2014Digital
N/AYoutube Video Arrangements - The Underrated Tracks From 16Bit EraJan 03, 2017Digital
N/AZubareus IIIJan 19, 2019Digital

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Demo Scene, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg