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VISA ROSTER CD-03*** Commodore 64 *** VocallySep 30, 2004CD
FTC101:04 Eternal20072 Digital
8BSP1-BD8-Bit Symphony ProOct 30, 2020Blu-ray
8BSP18-Bit Symphony Pro First HalfAug 13, 20202 CD
N/AChild album8-Bit Symphony Pro First HalfApr 05, 20202 Digital
N/A8-Bit Symphony Volume 1Jun 08, 2019Digital
8BSPS18-Bit Symphony: Just the ChipsAug 13, 20202 CD
C64CD2Back in Time IINov 12, 1999CD
DVD02Back In Time Live Brighton 2003: DVD Video ShowreelJul 20, 20072 DVD
C64DVD1Back in Time Live!Sep 12, 20052 DVD + CD
S64Back in Time: Symphonic CollectionJun 30, 20207 Digital
S64Back in Time: Symphonic CollectionSep 01, 20206 CD + Digital
USB1BBig Band BaconAug 01, 2017Digital
N/ACommodore 64 Remix Classics Imagine/Ocean Volume 1May 03, 2020Digital
N/ACommodore 64 Remix Classics Imagine/Ocean Volume 2May 08, 2020Digital
PP002Galway RemixedJan 01, 2002CD
IR01Instant RemedyJun 21, 2002CD
N/AOcean: Martin GalwayJun 17, 2014CD
658103REFORMATION 2Jan 20192 CD
RER013SID Chip Sounds: The Music of the Commodore 64Feb 20, 20122 Vinyl
RER013CDSID Chip Sounds: The Music of the Commodore 64Feb 20, 2012CD
N/ASuper PLAY Bitpop Volym EttAug 2002CD
PP004The Blithe, the Blend & the BizarreJun 22, 2007CD
AMBCD5The GALWAY WorksJul 2016CD
N/AChild albumThe GALWAY WorksOct 23, 2016Digital
CZCD 001The Sound Interface Device: Music from the Commodore 64 (Volume 1)Jul 10, 2007CD
CZCD 021The Z-Show Gold CollectionJul 13, 20072 CD

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Demo Scene, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg