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8BSP28-Bit Symphony Pro: Second HalfSep 20212 CD
8BSP2-BD8-Bit Symphony Pro: Second HalfSep 2021Blu-ray
8BSPS28-Bit Symphony: Just the Chips 2Sep 20212 CD
N/AAegis Defenders OSTFeb 08, 2018Digital
N/AAegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault Original SoundTrackJul 02, 2020Digital
N/AAlchemist Defender VR Original SoundtrackNov 20, 2017Digital
N/AAqua KittyNov 17, 2012Digital
N/AChild albumAqua Kitty Original Soundtrack RecordingsJan 27, 2017CD
N/AArcade Ambiance 19812002Digital
S64Back in Time: Symphonic CollectionJun 30, 20207 Digital
S64Back in Time: Symphonic CollectionSep 01, 20206 CD + Digital
N/ABALDR MASTERPIECE CHRONICLE Complete Vocal Collection & Soundtrack: Complete ArchivesDec 22, 201718 CD
GIGA-140806Baldrsky Complete Vocal CollectionAug 15, 2014CD
USB1BBig Band BaconAug 01, 2017Digital
N/ABloom Defender Original SoundtrackNov 14, 2011Digital
N/ACosmic Defenders Original SoundtrackJun 11, 2020Digital
N/ADefender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten OSTJan 19, 2012Digital
N/AChild albumDefender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten SoundtrackFeb 2019CD
N/ADefenders of Ardania The Official SoundtrackMay 08, 2012Digital
EAS-S0020Defenders of Ekron Original SoundtrackMar 15, 2018CD
N/ADungeon Defenders II meets TerrariaNov 22, 2016Digital
N/ADungeon Defenders II Original Video Game SoundtrackSep 08, 2017Digital
N/ADungeon Defenders Original Video Game SoundtrackOct 25, 2011Digital
N/AEcco - Timeless OceanAug 24, 2019Digital
N/AGames Music History - Computec Edition, Vol. 1Mar 26, 2014Digital
PNU 5090Get Victimized / R. Cade And The Video Victims1982Vinyl
PNU 5094Child albumGet Victimized / R. Cade and the Video Victims1982Cassette
N/AGrid Defender 2 - Original SoundtrackNov 10, 2010Digital
AKCD002~3Immortal 3Jun 15, 20062 CD
N/ALaser Disco DefendersSep 07, 2018Digital
ZTTL-9035Mikado Defenders Original SoundtrackDec 01, 2010Digital
TVT 8030-2Mortal Kombat: More KombatNov 05, 1996CD
OMAHM 03One Man & His Mic Show #3: "Follintastic!"Jan 27, 2008CD
CBS A2055Pac-Man Fever1982Vinyl
N/APac-Man FeverJun 01, 1999CD
RCT 37941Child albumPac-Man Fever1982Cassette
N/APocket DefenderAug 10, 2014Digital
SRWD-6001POINT ZERO SOUND COLLECTION - the Earth Defender BAT -Jan 13, 2021Digital
R64Remix64: 80s Remixes for the 8-BIT GenerationJun 18, 2002CD
N/ARobin Hood: Defender Of The Crown ~ The Official Soundtrack2004Digital
091803Child albumRobin Hood: Defender Of The Crown ~ The Official SoundtrackOct 15, 2003CD
N/ASamurai Defender Sound TrackJun 09, 2013Digital
PCCB-00377Science Fiction Simulation Yuugen Kaisha Chikyuu Boueitai: Earth Defenders CorporationJun 17, 1999CD
N/ASky Defenders Original SoundtrackMar 08, 2012Digital
HLCD-0056Sotsugetsu FuukaMay 05, 2019CD
N/ASOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the DolphinJan 03, 20163 Digital
N/ASounds from... Defenders of LawJul 25, 2009Digital
N/AStarRay Stereo Extended Version1988Cassette
SRES-0003Trash003Dec 28, 2002CD
N/AVoltron Legendary Defender Season 1 SoundtrackJul 21, 2016Digital
N/AVoltron: Defender of the Universe Original Series SoundtrackJul 11, 2008CD
N/AWarfront DefendersJun 24, 2013Digital
PR14Welcome To Warp Zone!Apr 20, 20153 Cassette
PR14Child albumWelcome To Warp Zone!Aug 31, 20163 Cassette
Geigeki-wars-1505ZETTAI GEIGEKI FILEJul 02, 2015CD

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