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LACA-5800Brilliant Moment / Miyuki HashimotoJun 06, 2008CD
LPTN-0006FairlyLife Drama CD The First Review "What are you doing?"May 30, 2008CD
44801471FairlyLife First Press Bonus 'Teatari Houdai ni Kokoro wo Iyasaremakuru Taihen Arigatai CD'Oct 10, 2008CD
HSCFL-0810GCFairlyLife Getchuya Drama CD - Yuu CollectionOct 10, 2008CD
N/AFairlyLife Medio Drama CD - Minami Yamanami CollectionOct 10, 2008CD
MESSE-394FairlyLife Messe Sanoh Drama CD - Mirai Takaoka CollectionOct 10, 2008CD
LACA-5872FairlyLife Original Sound TrackFeb 25, 2009CD
HSCFL-0810SMFairlyLife Sofmap Drama CD - Yuzuki Sawatari CollectionOct 10, 2008CD
VT-0810-1TFairlyLife Toranoana Drama CD - Asagao Takaoka CollectionOct 10, 2008CD
IMAE-00032GWAVE 2008 2nd ExperienceJun 26, 2009CD
LPTN-0017HOOKSOFT Vocal Collection My Little StarsJul 24, 20142 CD
SDFN-0003Love affairDec 29, 2008CD
KS808DMidsummer's Great Neverland Free-for-all Fight! I Don't Want to Be An AdultAug 15, 2008CD

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