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N/ABACKUP - A Tribute to MS-DOSJul 28, 2017Digital
N/AEmergenceMar 10, 2007CD
N/AGameWorld 1st Anniversary Commemoration1991Cassette
WO-21500-2Girl in the Tower: The love theme from King's Quest VI1992CD
TYM001HouseworksJan 03, 2007CD
N/AKing's Chill Vol. 1 - Vibin' Makes the Soul Go HigherApr 05, 2021Digital
2GLP006Child albumKing's Chill Vol. 1 - Vibin' Makes the Soul Go HigherOct 2021Vinyl
2GLP008King's Chill Vol. 2 - To Chill Is Human, To Vibe Is DivineJun 2022Vinyl
N/AKing's Quest - A Fair and Balanced EPDec 27, 2020Digital
N/AKing's Quest II - A Fair and Balanced EPJan 03, 2021Digital
N/AKing's Quest III - A Fair and Balanced EPJan 15, 2021Digital
N/AKing's Quest IV - A Fair and Balanced EPFeb 01, 2021Digital
NGM-0079King's Quest IV Original Game SoundtrackOct 11, 2019Digital
N/AKing's Quest V - A Fair and Balanced EPFeb 23, 2021Digital
2GLP010King's Quest V - Songs of SereniaAug 20222 Vinyl
N/AKing's Quest VI - A Fair and Balanced EPMar 14, 2021Digital
N/AKing's Quest VI: An Ode to the IslesJun 20242 Vinyl
N/AKing's Quest VII - A Fair and Balanced EPApr 09, 2021Digital
N/AKing's Quest: Chapter I - A Knight to Remember SoundtrackJul 28, 2015Digital
N/ALive from the SIERRA Lounge1988Cassette
N/AProject 6672006Digital
058654900Sierra Soundtrack Collection1992CD

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