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N/A15th Anniversary ave;new Best 01 "Classical LOVE" [Limited Edition]Apr 28, 2019CD + DVD-ROM
ANCD-103515th Anniversary ave;new Best 01 "Classical LOVE"Apr 28, 2019CD
ANCD-1020BEST of ave;new ~the new way~ / ave;newOct 01, 2010CD
FPCR-017FMPSG017 -Dancing Queen-Apr 30, 2012CD
GLRE-001GameLoid Remix feat.Lump of SugarApr 25, 2014CD
LOS-003SItsusora & Nursery Yume no Kyouen Drama CD "Kessen Sora Akira Shi! Kururu Dai Maou Daichi ni Tatsu!"Aug 17, 20072 CD
TKCA-74173Kaguyahime no Monogatari WarabeutashuuJan 21, 2015CD
ANCD-1009LovableJan 20, 2008CD
UCMC-0032LuxsiusAug 19, 2007CD
ART-110606Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata ~Nursery Rhymes for you~ Deluxe Edition Drama CDJun 23, 2011CD
LOS-K001Nursery Rhyme Character Song Vol.1 - Az's LabyrinthDec 29, 2007CD
LOS-1S2Nursery Rhyme Drama CDNov 25, 2005CD
RIO-0014Nursery Rhyme Drama CD "Life is sweet"Jun 30, 2006CD
LOS-1S1Nursery Rhyme Memories original sound trackNov 25, 2005CD
OTAQ-001OtaQuintet Woodwind Arrange CD Vol.1 OtaKyu!Dec 31, 2012CD
ANCD-1028Rencontre: Best of Saori Sakura vol.1Apr 18, 2014CD
SVWC-70409~10Saenai heroine no sodate-kata Gal Game Cover Song CollectionSep 25, 20192 CD
ANCD-1004suite / ave;newJan 20, 2006CD
ANCD-1003suite / ave;new [Limited Edition]Dec 29, 20052 CD
SSCD-001Symphony Sounds Record 2018 ~from 2003 to 2017~Aug 31, 2018CD
DVTS-2121True My Heart c/w kiss my lips / ave;new feat. Saori SakuraSep 03, 2007CD
ANCD-1005virtu / ave;newMay 31, 2006CD

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