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N/A0499624Oct 27, 2013CD
N/A765 GRAND DADMay 23, 2016Digital
MMR-1978 LPArcade Breaks2006Vinyl
N/AASOBI NO OTO vol.0Mar 26, 2020Vinyl
KSR-616Baby Pac-Man Goes to the Market1982Vinyl
N/ABeware The Invasion!Jan 22, 20102 Digital
MM-20Eh...? Watashi no Namaensou Namco-sugi!?Nov 06, 2011CD
FVCG-1011Famison 8BIT☆iDOLM@STER 01 Yayoi Takutsuki / Ami & Mami FutamiMar 25, 2008CD
FVCG-1175Famison 8BIT☆iDOLM@STER BEST ALBUMOct 19, 20113 CD + DVD
N/AGame Music Encyclopedia Revolution Namco Masterpiece CDMay 21, 2016CD
SDEX-0040Game Sound Museum ~Namcot Edition~ 01 Galaxian / Galaga / Pac-ManDec 23, 2004CD
HMCD-0002GameMusicRemixes Vol.2 ACT-ClusterApr 29, 2013CD
PNU 5090Get Victimized / R. Cade And The Video Victims1982Vinyl
N/AGilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1Mar 30, 2016Digital
N/AInstrumental Of DevastationApr 06, 2012Digital
CR-005JazzNESsDec 22, 2016Digital
8BIT-8123-7Join The Pac / Ken Ishii feat. Pac-ManAug 29, 2020Vinyl
AVCD-93581~2Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders SoundtrackMar 15, 20172 CD
AVZD-93579~80Child albumKamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders Soundtrack [Limited Edition]Mar 15, 20172 CD
N/ALP of DevastationDec 28, 2009Digital
N/AMetal For GamersMay 17, 2013Digital
N/AMini Nes - Sold Out!Feb 17, 2017Digital
DBR-206Ms. Pac-man's PRIZE PUPIL1982Vinyl
ENJ-9613 2Music From VideogamesJun 10, 2014CD
N/AMUSIC SYSTEM 2Oct 12, 2012Digital
SCDC-00272Namco Arcade 80'sMay 21, 2003CD
PCCG-00440NAMCO CLASSIC COLLECTION Techno ManiaxFeb 18, 1998CD
SL9-2036-1-6Namco Museum - Greatest Arcade HitsFeb 27, 2018Vinyl
N/ANamco no AreAug 11, 2002CD
SRIN-1168NAMCO SOUND MUSEUM from X68000Feb 22, 20186 CD
VDR-1285Namcot Game a la ModeSep 21, 1986CD
SJX-30312Child albumNamcot Game a la ModeSep 21, 1986Vinyl
VCH-10365Child albumNamcot Game a la ModeSep 21, 1986Cassette
N/APac-Man & Galaga DimensionsJul 27, 2011Digital
TABX 110, 869 741-1Pac-Man / Power-PillMay 25, 1992Vinyl
TABCD 110, 869 741-2Child albumPac-Man / Power-Pill1992CD
DBR-205Pac-man and the GHOST DIGGERS1982Vinyl
N/APAC-MAN Championship EditionJan 12, 2010Digital
N/APAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Original SoundtrackNov 23, 2010Digital
KSS-5029Pac-Man Christmas Album1982Vinyl
CBS A2055Pac-Man Fever1982Vinyl
N/APac-Man FeverJun 01, 1999CD
44-02762Pac-Man Fever (Club Version)1981Vinyl
BG-1001Pac-Man Fever (Single)1981Vinyl
C99 02945Child albumPac-Man Fever (Single) [Limited Edition]1982Vinyl
18-02673Child albumPac-Man Fever (Single)Dec 1981Vinyl
13-03865Pac-Man Fever / Do The Donkey KongApr 1982Vinyl
N/APAC-MAN Game Sound EffectsSep 01, 2009Digital
KSR-997Pac-Man Goes to Playland1980Vinyl
KSR-996Pac-Man Picnic1980Vinyl
KSR-995Pac-Man: Run For Fun1980Vinyl
561 612-1Pacman1999Vinyl
VRS010Pacman RemixMay 20, 2002Vinyl
N/APacmania Original SoundtrackJan 12, 2010Digital
MKPB-01Primary BoxDec 31, 2011CD
07SP-598Child albumPuc-Man Fever1982Vinyl
N/AR30 Ridge Raver Project No.6Oct 28, 2012CD
N/ARage QuitFeb 21, 2020CD
DYCD-2506Retro Game Anthology -Video Game Music-Nov 01, 2009CD
MCOL-0011Song Cycle: The History of Video GamesNov 04, 2016Digital
MCOL-0012Song Cycle: The History of Video Games (Karaoke Accompaniment)Nov 04, 2016Digital
N/ASuper Musical Entertainment SystemDec 24, 2016Digital
KSR-617The Adventures of Super Pac-Man1982Vinyl
KSS-5023The Amazing Adventures of PAC-MAN1980Vinyl
N/AThe Amazing Adventures of Pac-ManApr 01, 2012Digital
N/AThe Best of Retro Video GamesSep 18, 2012Digital
32XA-66The Best of Video Game MusicApr 25, 1986CD
N/ATHE NAMCO GRAFFITI 1 Perfection Preservation Edition! NG Highlights & Special Compilation Edition Special SupplementDec 1994CD
KPD-6012The Pac-Man Album1980Vinyl
KSR-589The PAC-MAN Christmas Story1982Vinyl
N/AThe Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012Apr 08, 201310 Digital
APCG-4006This is NAMCO!Sep 21, 1990CD
APTG-4006Child albumThis is NAMCO!Sep 21, 1990Cassette
TPIH004This Place is HauntedJul 17, 2009CD
N/AThis Place Is Haunted (Remastered)Jan 07, 2012Digital
YLR-20003Video Game MusicApr 25, 1984Vinyl
YLC-20003Child albumVideo Game MusicApr 25, 1984Cassette
SCDC-00003Child albumVideo Game MusicMar 23, 2001CD
LPU 0005Child albumVideo Game MusicApr 25, 1984Vinyl
N/AVideoGameMusicKMay 22, 2012Digital
PR14Welcome To Warp Zone!Apr 20, 20153 Cassette
PR14Child albumWelcome To Warp Zone!Aug 31, 20163 Cassette

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