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AYCM-61020th anniversary a TRIBUTE to GAME-sounds for music-CDMay 21, 1998CD
6955-004069550040 (8x2A03)x606 project demonstrationsNov 01, 2007CD
N/Abrass 2: mouthDec 02, 2011Vinyl
N/AChild albumbrass 2: mouthDec 02, 2011Digital
TKCA-30378Chachamaru Game MusicSep 25, 1991CD
OKMF-0002Famicom Millenium Music vol2Sep 01, 2000CD
N/AFire Pro WrestlerApr 18, 2014Digital
TKCA-30391Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd BoutOct 25, 1991CD
CA-4377Fire Pro Wrestling Combination TagDec 21, 1989CD
CCL-3007Child albumFire Pro Wrestling Combination TagDec 21, 1989Cassette
ABCA-42Fire Pro Wrestling G Original SoundtrackNov 26, 1999CD
TOCT-6458HUMAN Super F² / H.E.L.P.Apr 22, 1992CD
N/AIf You Don't Listen To My Music, I'll Kill This DogDec 25, 2009Digital
N/AMega Master Entertainment SystemAug 01, 2018Digital
COCX-38295~6Nintendo FAMICOM MUSICDec 04, 20132 Blu-spec CD2
SCS-325Pro-Wres no Hoshi AztecaserOct 1976Vinyl
N/AShiroi Ring He: Twinkle Little Star Original Drama CD1994CD
TIM-SFC20Super Famicom Magazine July News Volume Special Supplement 2: New Game Sound MuseumJul 1994CD
N/AThe Elegy Of The BattleOct 11, 2003CD
N/Athe Nintendo Crescendo: V(änskap) Limited Special EditionOct 03, 2009CD
TPIH005You Have Chosen... Poorly2010CD

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Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg