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N/A-ReminiscencE of Fantasia-Oct 18, 2015CD
scfs-05013rd reflection of fripSide / fripSideJun 23, 2005CD
AKA-1051~7A Ka Best Complete Sound BOX ~2013~Nov 30, 20177 CD
AKA-1039~50A Ka Best Complete Sound BOX ~2014~May 26, 201712 CD
DIFE-1025AKABEiSOFT2&Sisters Vocal CollectionApr 24, 2015CD
LC-1659Akumajo Dracula X ~Tsuioku no Yasoukyoku~ Drama CDMar 24, 2010CD
LXCH-0008Amazing / Yui Sakakibara [Limited Edition]Aug 27, 2014CD + DVD
LXCH-0009Amazing / Yui SakakibaraAug 27, 2014CD
DIFE-1024Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 5thMay 29, 2015CD
BYBF-0010BlackmaniYa ver1.1 -REMiNiSCENCE-Oct 29, 2017CD
N/ACampus Vocal collectionFeb 22, 2019CD
GRFR-0048Campus Vocal CollectionAug 08, 2019CD
RQCD006Glorious ReminiscenceMay 05, 2010CD
DC-0126Heracles no Eikou: Greece Reminiscences1994CD
UCMC-0005KEY Arrange Music Album "Reminiscence"Oct 11, 1999CD
scfs-0901~10nao complete anthology 2002-2009 -my graduation- / fripSideJul 17, 200910 CD
N/AReminiscenceDec 06, 2019Digital
PSCR-5418Reminiscence / WinkNov 25, 1995CD
NLCD-0014REMINISCENCE 2008Jan 18, 2009CD
N/Areminiscence e.p.Aug 12, 2013CD
PMMCD-002Reminiscence of Video Games Vol.1 -Famicom-Jul 28, 2012CD
TIG-102Reminiscence ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKMay 31, 2013CD
DIFE-1020Reminiscence Vocal CollectionMay 31, 2013CD
FRKW-0016reminiscencesApr 25, 2021CD
KSXX-02314Ripe Aster (DJ Licious Remix) / Kairi Yagi & DJ LiciousFeb 04, 2022Digital
KSCL-3258~9Ripe Aster / Kairi YagiMar 16, 2022CD + Blu-ray
MNCA-9068The irregular at magic high school Audio Drama DVD TsuiokuhenDec 12, 2012DVD
ANZX-14836The irregular at magic high school Reminiscence Arc Special DiscMar 16, 2022CD
18623385Uso Series Complete Vocal AlbumFeb 23, 2018CD
SW-019Wind -a breath of heart- & Haru no Ashiato Drama CD Set 'Reminiscence'Aug 12, 20053 CD
N/AWindow of ReminiscenceAug 15, 2009CD

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