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N/AAmiga Meets PianoMar 2008Digital
N/AAmiga meets Piano Vol.2Nov 2010Digital
N/AAMIGA Revisited 2011Jun 27, 2011Digital
FL-AR1Amiga RocksOct 10, 20203 CD
N/AAutoscrollJan 10, 2012Digital
N/ABeasts - A tribute to David Whittaker and Tim WrightJul 2011Digital
N/AChipfest 6 - The Rehearsal TapesSep 03, 2011Digital
CZCD 011Commodore 64 PD Music Mix 1Jul 13, 20072 CD
AMBCD6David Whittaker Amiga WorksJun 30, 2017CD
N/AChild albumDavid Whittaker Amiga WorksNov 11, 2017Digital
N/AFirst StrikeDec 17, 2020Digital
N/AGames Music History - Computec Edition, Vol. 2Dec 25, 2014Digital
N/AHyde209 Vol 10.Apr 18, 2020Digital
N/AHyde209 Vol 9.Dec 29, 2018Digital
RMCD001ImmortalDec 15, 1999CD
AKCD001Immortal 2Sep 16, 2002CD
AKCD002~3Immortal 3Jun 15, 20062 CD
N/ALOSER: A Sega Genesis Tribute AlbumNov 01, 2008Digital
OMAHM 06One Man & His Mic Show #6: "Shadow Of The Beast"Jan 28, 2008CD
ZOZ-1-CDPaula Agnus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game MusicMay 06, 2013CD
N/APaula Agnus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music Groupees EditionAug 06, 2014Digital
N/AProject Paula - AmigaMay 21, 2017Digital
LAGREC004Shadow Of The BeastSep 2019Vinyl
N/AShadow of the Beast - The RemixesNov 15, 2019Digital
CZCD 031Shadow of the Beast - The SoundtracksJul 14, 2008CD
SOTB-CD-BMB-2015#01Shadow of the Beast 2015 Remix AlbumApr 2015CD
N/AShadow of The Beast MMXVFeb 21, 2016Digital
N/AShadow of the Beast SoundtrackMay 17, 2016Digital
N/AShiryu's Arcade Volume 1Jun 02, 2010Digital
N/AStrix Memoria ◔Nov 2013USB
N/AChild albumStrix Memoria ◔Dec 08, 2013Digital

Source Category: Game, Animation, Publication, Audio Drama, Live Action, Tokusatsu/Puppetry, Multimedia Franchise, Demo Scene, Event, Artist Works
Extra Classification: Enclosure/Promo, Doujin/Indie, Delayed/Cancelled, Bootleg