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COCC-72102Child albumANIMEX 1200 102 Trapp Ikka Monogatari Music CollectionMar 23, 2005CD
GNCA-1179Hayate the combat butler Character COVER CD selected by KENJIRO HATA [Limited Edition]Mar 06, 20092 CD
GNCA-1180Hayate the combat butler Character COVER CD selected by KENJIRO HATAMar 06, 2009CD
COCC-12987~9Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater Anime Karaoke Complete CollectionOct 21, 19953 CD
COZX-437~40Original Ongen ni Yoru Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Shudaika DaizenshuuJun 23, 20103 CD + DVD
COCX-34343Rascal & The World Masterpiece Theater - Best Song CollectionJun 20, 2007CD
FMDB-3013Sekai Meisaku Anime Ehon CD / Trapp Family StorySep 21, 1994Mini CD
CODC-8660Trapp Ikka MonogatariFeb 21, 1991Mini CD
COSC-126Trapp Ikka MonogatariFeb 21, 1991Cassette
COCC-7468Trapp Ikka MonogatariMay 01, 1991CD
COTC-1583Child albumTrapp Ikka MonogatariMay 05, 1991Cassette
COCC-7703Trapp Ikka Monogatari Music CollectionJul 01, 1991CD
COTC-1624Child albumTrapp Ikka Monogatari Music CollectionJul 01, 1991Cassette

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