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VIOLET EVERGARDEN : Echo Through Eternity

『劇場版 ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン』オリジナル・サウンドトラック Echo Through Eternity
"Gekijouban Violet Evergarden" Original Soundtrack Echo Through Eternity
Catalog Number LACA-9751~3
Barcode 4540774907519
Release Date Oct 21, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4400 JPY
Media Format 3 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelLantis / /
ManufacturerBANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. / /
DistributorBANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. / /
Phonographic CopyrightBANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. / /


Disc 1 [LACA-9751] Original Soundtrack, Vocal

01 Discovering the Past 2:50
02 Generation to Generation 1:55
03 The Legacy of Violet Evergarden 1:45
04 Hymn to the Sea Pt. 1 1:09
05 Some Scars Never Fade 1:49
06 Sometimes Dreams Come True 2:28
07 On That Fateful Night 1:45
08 Dear Gilbert 1:11
09 Though Times May Change 1:11
10 Bonded by Tragedy 1:47
11 Another Voice Calls Out 1:26
12 A Young Boy's Hope 2:10
13 Complicated Feelings 2:17
14 Brotherhood 2:20
15 Violet's Promise 2:30
16 Yuris' Confession 1:50
17 Hodgins' Request 1:24
18 As the Days Pass Us By 1:41
19 Hymn to the Sea Pt. 2 1:14
20 Beyond These Waves 1:32
21 After All These Years 1:53
22 The Hardships of Gilbert Bougainvillea 2:55
23 The Heart Quivers 2:20
24 Tears in the Rain 3:44
25 Her Soul Yearns 1:00
26 A Young Boy's Last Wish 2:28
27 His Final Breath 3:19
28 Live on for Me 2:12
29 After the Storm Comes a New Day 2:12
30 Violet's Final Letter 2:17
31 Michishirube ~Movie Version~ 4:10
32 Echo Through Eternity 3:16
33 Her Spirit Lives On 3:16
34 WILL ~Movie Version~ 3:26
35 To Future People ~Movie Version~ 3:49
Disc length 78:31
Disc 2 [LACA-9752] Original Soundtrack

01 Violet and Isabella 3:01
02 A New Era Begins 1:51
03 No Matter How Far 2:28
04 A Bond Between Sisters 3:44
05 Debutante Waltz 2:00
06 Debutante Waltz for Piano 1:44
Disc length 14:48
Disc 3 [LACA-9753] Original Soundtrack, Vocal

01 Fountain of Life (Aria by Irma Fliech) 4:39
02 Hail Leidenschaftlich! 4:03
03 Automemories Doll Typing School 4:05
04 The Spirit of Kazalli 3:58
05 Kingdom of Drossel Wedding March 4:14
06 Sunrise at the Shahar Observatory 4:31
07 Oscar's Story 4:20
08 For the Land That I Come From (Ctrigall Drinking Song) 4:02
09 Leiden Airshow Opening Ceremony 4:14
10 Softly Sing to Me (Magnolia Family Lullaby) 4:01
Disc length 42:07

  Total tracks 51   Total length 2:15:26


Disc 1 - Original Soundtrack of Violet Evergarden: The Movie
Disc 2 - Original Soundtrack of Violet Evergarden -Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll-
Disc 3 - Imagination of Leidenschaftlich


All Songs Composed and Arranged by Evan Call
Director: Takahiro Ikeda (Miracle Bus)

Copyist: Mayuka Sakai, Tomohiro Kita
Recording Engineer: Keisuke Fujimaki
Mixing Engineer: Taiji Okuda
Assistant Engineer:  Daiki Iimura (ONKIO HAUS)
Recording Studio: ONKIO HAUS, Miracle Bus Studio
Mixing Studio: MSR, Miracle Bus Studio
Production Assistant: Yuya Sasaki, 鈴木啓介
Contractor: Hideo Nakamichi, Motofumi Komori, Fumiko Yamasaki

Production in Germany
Orchestra Performed by Filmorchester Babelsberg

Conductor: Youki Yamamoto
Recording Engineer: Falko Duczmal
Pro Tools Operator: Alexander Wohlfeil
Music Preparation: Yumi Mashiki
Music Editor: Martin Hannah

Production in Czech Republic (Insert Song, Theme Song)
Orchestra Performed by FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague®
Conductor: Adam Klemens
Sound Engineer: Jan Holzner
Assistant Sound Engineer: Michael Hradiský
Orchestra Contractor and Recording Sessions Manager: Petr Pýcha

Production in Japan Disc 1
Piano: Koichi Sato
Bass: Ryu Kawamura
Drums: Ken Higeshiro
Guitar: Takayuki Sasaki

Production in Hungary Disc 2, Disc 3
Orchestra Performed by Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Conductor: Péter Illényi
Session Supervisor: Bálint Sapszon
Orchestra Coordinator: Bertalan Veér
Recording Engineer: Péter Barabás
Librarian: Anna Sapszon

Production in Japan Disc 3
Piano: Koichi Sato
Violin: Atsuki Yoshida
Tin Whistle, Low Whistle & Badrau: Akio Noguchi
Chorus: Luke Standridge, Asa Taylor, George King, Evan Call, Akiko Call
Programming & All Other Instruments: Evan Call

[Product Staffs]

Producer: Shigeru Saito (Heart Company), Megumi Suzuki (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)
Assistant Producer: Ryutaro Usukura (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)
A&R: Takuma Nagao (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)

Mastering Engineer: Moe Kazama (studio ATLIO)
Mastering Studio: studio ATLIO
Product Coordinate: 渡邉真弥 (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)

Jacket Illustration
Illustration: 石立太一
Paint: 西山恵利香
Special Effect: 瀬森由貴
Background: 山崎詩央里
CG: 高尾一也
Color Coordinator: 米田侑加

Creative Producer: 家城賢太郎 (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)
Creative Director: 山下真央 (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)

Designer: 兼田彌生 (Veia)

Interview & Text: Haramakineko (GEKIBAN CLUB) / 鈴木隆詩

Promotion Producer: Yukiko Kougo (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)
Promotion: Yumina Aoki / 野村あいり (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)

Sales Promotion Producer: 山本雄介 (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)
Sales Promotion: 贋田雄一郎 (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)

Executive Producer: Shunji Inoue (BANDAI NAMCO Arts)

Special Thanks to Violet Evergarden Production Committee

M-1.31 - "Violet Evergarden the Movie" Insert Song
Vocals: Minori Chihara
Composer: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
Arranger: Evan Call
Lyricist: Minori Chihara

M-1.34 - "Violet Evergarden the Movie" Theme Song
Vocals: TRUE
Composer: Evan Call
Arranger: Evan Call
Lyricist: Miho Karasawa

M-1.35 - "Violet Evergarden the Movie" Ending Theme
Vocals: TRUE
Composer: Satomi Kawasaki
Arranger: Evan Call
Lyricist: Miho Karasawa

Vocals: TRUE
Composer: Evan Call
Arranger: Evan Call
Lyricist: Miho Karasawa

Vocal: Aira Yuhki
Composer: Evan Call
Arranger: Evan Call
Lyricist: Evan Call

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