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a day, phases

Catalog Number KSCL-1330
Barcode 4582117989127
Release Date Dec 03, 2008
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2520 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Work
LabelKi/oon / /
ManufacturerKi/oon Records Inc. / /
DistributorSony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc. / /


Artist / agraph
All Tracks Produced by / kensuke ushio /
Art Directed by / Norio Tanaka / (sony music communications inc.)
Designed by / Norio Tanaka / (sony music communications inc.), Sayaka Shibata (sony music communications inc.)
Image Manipulated by / Sayaka Shibata (sony music communications inc.)
Logo Designed by / Atsuhisa Shimazawa / (augment5)
Special Thanks / Takkyu Ishino / , Takashi Watanabe / , kagami, Kei Tsunashima, Kouji Okita, Yusuke Koyama, Kouhei Moriyama, m.u, t.u, m.w, Kaichiro Shirai (ki/oon records inc.), Yoshiaki Ikeda / (ki/oon records inc.), Yoshiyuki Michishita (ki/oon artists), Kyoko Itou (ki/oon artists), Miyuki Ohtsuka (ki/oon artists), Mihoko Nakamura (ki/oon artists), Miwako Uyama, steinberg


Disc 1

01 gray, even 5:05
02 in gold 5:19
03 and others 5:18
04 quietude 6:09
05 ohma 6:13
06 still in there 5:43
07 one and three lights 5:44
08 turn down 5:18
09 cyanback 6:30
Disc length 51:19



all tracks produced by kensuke ushio
art directed and designed by norio tanaka (sony music communications inc.)
image manipulated and designed by sayaka shibata (sony music communications inc.)
logo designed by atsuhisa shimazawa (augment5)

special thanks
takkyu ishino,
takashi watanabe, kagami, kei tsunashima,
kouji okita, yusuke koyama, kouhei moriyama,
m.u, t.u, m.w,
kaichiro shirai (ki/oon records inc.), yoshiaki ikeda (ki/oon records inc.),
yoshiyuki michishita (ki/oon artists), kyoko itou (ki/oon artists),
miyuki ohtsuka (ki/oon artists), mihoko nakamura (ki/oon artists), miwako uyama,

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