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The Pathless

The Pathless (Original Game Soundtrack)
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 12, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherAustin Wintory / /


Composer / Austin Wintory
Arranger / Susie Seiter, Austin Wintory
Performer / The Alash Ensemble, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik, Morgan O’Shaughnessey, Kristin Naigus, Tom Strahle, Eric Snoza, Paul Cartwright, Amy Tatum, Andrew Leonard, Anthony Parnther, Malachai Bandy, MB Gordy, Uyanga Bold, Psamathes, Bastiaan Van Bentum, Enoc Benitez, Joel Finney, Joshua Roberts, Austin Wintory, Hunter Choir, Troy Baker, Scott Edgar, Adriana Figueroa, Steven Gates, Simon Hall, Caleb Hyles, Darren Korb, Malukah, Macedonian Symphony Orchestra, The Fifth House Ensemble
Recording Engineer / Jake Jackson
Assistant Engineer / Matt Friedman
Recording Studio / Abbey Road Studio 2
Mixing Engineer / Steve Kempster
Mastering Engineer / Steve Kempster
Conductor / Oleg Kondratenko, Austin Wintory
Music Producer / Austin Wintory


Disc 1

01 None have Returned 2:33
02 A Shroud over the World 3:46
03 Gateway 2:33
04 From the Antlers 6:16
05 Cernos 6:49
06 An Empty Monastery 3:31
07 The Redwood Steppe 3:22
08 Echoes of the Pathfinder 3:54
09 Sauro 7:54
10 The Rain infects all Waters 5:54
11 The Plains 4:07
12 Nimue 7:50
13 Do you not see that this world is broken? 3:10
14 Into the Mountains 5:40
15 The Cold has Cured all Generosity 5:53
16 A Chill that Infests the Bones 3:16
17 Kumo 6:17
18 The Floating Isle 1:52
19 Impetuous Beast 2:29
20 The Path to Salvation 8:34
21 A land, which was not my Own 4:37
Disc length 100:17



Original Music Composed and Produced by Austin Wintory

Featured musicians:

The Alash Ensemble:
Bady-Dorzhu Ondar (vocals and igil)
Ayan-ool Sam (vocals and doshpuluur)
Ayan Shirizhik (vocals and murgu, shoor and kengirge)

Additional soloists:
Nyckelharpa: Morgan O’Shaughnessey
Dizi, xiao, bansuri, tin whistles, bamboo flutes and oboe: Kristin Naigus
Oud, lute, sitar: Tom Strahle
Double bass: Eric Snoza
Baritone violin: Paul Cartwright
Flute and alto flute: Amy Tatum
Bass clarinet: Andrew Leonard
Contrabassoon: Anthony Parnther
Viol de gamba: Malachai Bandy
Percussion: MB Gordy
Vocals: Uyanga Bold

Additional vocals: Psamathes
FX Vocals: Bastiaan Van Bentum
Additional guitar: Enoc Benitez
Additional guitar: Joel Finney
Additional percussion: Joshua Roberts
Bass Kazoo: Austin Wintory

Hunter Choir: Troy Baker, Scott Edgar, Adriana Figueroa, Steven Gates, Simon Hall, Caleb Hyles, Darren Korb, Malukah, Psamathes

Horn and percussion ensemble recorded at Abbey Road, Studio 2 (London, UK).
Conducted by Austin Wintory
Engineered by Jake Jackson
Contracted by Amy Stewart (Isobel Griffiths Ltd.)

Strings performed by the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra at FAMES recording stage (Skopje, Macedonia)
Conducted by Oleg Kondratenko

Textural chamber ensemble recordings performed by The Fifth House Ensemble (Chicago, USA)

Alash Ensemble recorded at John Kilgore Sound & Recording (New York City) and Bias Studios (Washington DC)

Orchestrations by Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
MIDI prep: M.R. Miller
Music copyist: Steven Juliani Music

Score mixer and album mastering: Steve Kempster
ProTools recordist and music editor: Kevin Globerman
Assistant engineer: Matt Friedman

Digital album art direction: Cindy Liu
Vinyl album art direction: Elaine Lee

Special Thanks: Matt Nava and Giant Squid, Matt Fielding, Erica Ishijima, Annapurna Interactive, Sean Quirk, iam8bit, Peter Hollens, Joris Hoogsteder, Sarah Kovacs and Kraft-Engel Management, Dallas Crane, my amazing partner in SoundCrime Steve Green, my family and my muse, Angela Bermudez.

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