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Pokémon The First Movie - Original Motion Picture Score

Catalog Number 333 82-2
Barcode 09992333222
Release Date 2000
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Germany)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherKOCH Records / /
DistributorKOCH Records / /
Phonographic CopyrightNintendo of America / /


Music Composed by / Ralph Schuckett, John Loeffler, John Lissauer, Manny Corallo
Orchestrator / Ralph Schuckett, John Lissauer, Manny Corallo, John Loeffler
Additional Music / John Lissauer, Manny Corallo
Engineers / Gary Chester, Talley Sherwood
Mixed by / Martin Kloiber, Larry Alexander, Bruce Buchanan
Mastered by / Rick Rowe
Music Editors / Sue Shufro, Julian Schwartz
Production Coordinator / Julian Schwartz
Lead Vocal / Jason Paige
Co-produced by / John Siegler
Music Produced by / John Loeffler
Executive Producers / Alfred Kahn, Norman Grossfeld
Package Design / Jeff Gilligan


Disc 1

01 The Birth of Mewtwo 4:01
02 Dragonite Takes Flight 2:09
03 Invitation to Danger 2:48
04 Surviving the Storm 5:18
05 Mewtwo's Island 1:49
06 Pokémon vs. Clone 2:40
07 Tears of Life 5:31
08 This Is My World Now 3:07
09 Three on Three 4:38
10 Mew's Theme 0:33
11 Freeing Charizard 4:40
12 Adventure In Paradise 3:19
13 All Good Things Must Ends 1:55
14 Pokémon Theme 3:13
Disc length 45:41



Mewtwo Strikes Back

Music composed by: Ralph Schuckett and John Loeffler
Orchestrations by: Ralph Schuckett
Additional music by: John Lissauer and Manny Corallo

Pikachu's Vacation

Music composed and orchestrated by: John Lissauer, Manny Corallo and John Loeffler
Engineers: Gary Chester and Talley Sherwood

Mixed by: Martin Kloiber and Larry Alexander
Mastered by: Rick Rowe at Media Force
Music editors: Sue Shufro and Julian Schwartz
Production coordinator: Julian Schwartz

Pokémon Theme

Lead vocal: Jason Paige
Co-produced by: John Siegler
Mixed by: Larry Alexander, Bruce Buchanan

Package design: Jeff Gilligan

Music produced by John Loeffler for Rave Music
Executive producers: Alfred Kahn & Norman Grossfeld/4Kids Entertainment

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