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white chronicles / Mashiro Ayano

white chronicles / 綾野ましろ



Disc 1

01 Reason Flies 4:26
02 ideal white 4:15
03 vanilla sky 4:39
04 infinity beyond 4:09
05 Half Moon Flower 5:19
06 focus light 4:02
07 Shunsou no Machi 4:57
08 Believe 3:46
09 Lotus Pain 4:45
10 NEWLOOK 4:39
11 starry 4:17
12 Shoudou 4:39
13 GET OVER 3:50
14 confession 4:45
16 Alive 3:56
17 Reason Flies -English version- 4:26
Disc length 75:16



Composer: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arranger: Ryota Tomaru
Lyricist: RUCCA

M-02 - TV Anime "Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" Opening Theme
Composer: Carlos K., Toshi-Fj
Arranger: Carlos K.
Lyricist: meg rock

M-03 - TV Anime "Gunslinger Stratos -THE ANIMATION-" Opening Theme
Composer: Masahiro Mizoguchi
Arranger: toku
Lyricist: meg rock

M-04 - PC Game "Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded" Theme Song
Composer: Fumio Yasuda
Arranger: Tsubasa Nikaido
Lyricist: Fumio Yasuda

Composer: Naohisa Taniguchi
Arranger: Naohisa Taniguchi
Lyricist: Naohisa Taniguchi

Composer: Carlos K.
Arranger: Carlos K.
Lyricist: Mashiro, Carlos K.

Composer: Fumio Yasuda
Arranger: Yuichi Murata
Lyricist: Fumio Yasuda

M-08 - TV Anime "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" 3rd Opening Theme Cover
Composer: Yoshiki Aoi
Arranger: yukarico
Lyricist: Saeko Nishio

M-09 - TV Anime "D.Gray-man HALLOW" Ending Theme
Composer: Fumio Yasuda
Arranger: Fumio Yasuda, Yuichi Murata
Lyricist: Mashiro

M-10 - TV Anime "Re:CREATORS" Ending Theme
Composer: Ryota Nakano
Arranger: KOUTAPAI
Lyricist: Ryota Nakano

M-11 - TV Anime "Record of Grancrest War" Opening Theme
Composer: Takuro Tamura
Arranger: Tsubasa Ito
Lyricist: Yoshiro Koike

M-12 - TV Anime "Record of Grancrest War" 2nd Ending Theme
Composer: Yoshiaki Watanuki
Arranger: Masahiro Mizoguchi
Lyricist: Neru Haruki

M-13 - TV Anime "Puzzdra" 4th Ending Theme
Composer: Iku Udagawa
Arranger: KOUTAPAI
Lyricist: Mashiro, Iku Udagawa

Composer: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arranger: Ryutaro Fujinaga
Lyricist: RUCCA

M-15 - Live Action Film "NANA" Theme Song Cover
Composer: hyde
Arranger: Carlos K.
Lyricist: AI YAZAWA

M-16 - TV Anime "Darwin's Game" Ending Theme
Composer: A-NOTE, S-TONE
Arranger: Hiroki Aoba, Seifuku Oyama
Lyricist: A-NOTE

Composer: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arranger: Ryota Tomaru
Lyricist: RUCCA

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