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Traveler - A Journey Symphony

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 13, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherAustin Wintory / /


Performed by / London Symphony Orchestra, London Voices Choir
Featuring / Tina Guo /
Composed by / Austin Wintory
Conducted by / Austin Wintory
Produced by / Austin Wintory, Andrea Pessino
Recorded at / St. Luke's, Capitol Records Studio A
Choirmaster / Ben Parry
Director / Ben Parry
Recording Manager / Mario De Sa
Additional Woodwinds / Kristin Naigus
Vocal Soloists / Alina Gingertail, Dolleesi, Malukah, Laura Perrudin, Mika Kobayashi /
Choir / Julie Elven, Adriana Figueroa, Rachel Hardy, Peter Hollens, Laura Intravia
Special Guest Violin / Taylor Davis
Recording Engineers / Jake Jackson, Greg Hayes
Engineers / Jonathan Stokes (on behalf of Classic Sound Ltd), Neil Hutchinson (on behalf of Classic Sound Ltd)
ProTools Operators / Marc McCouig, Kevin Globerman
Mixed by / Steve Kempster
Mastered by / Steve Kempster
Assistant Mix Engineer / Matt Friedman
Orchestrations / Susie Seiter, Austin Wintory
MIDI Transcription / M.R. Miller, Dallas Crane
Copyists / Steven Juliani Music
Librarian / Jill Streater Music
Album Art Direction / Angela Bermudez
Special Thanks / Andrea Pessino, thatgamecompany, Sony Santa Monica, Annapurna Interactive, Mario de Sa, Tina Guo / , My Family, Troy Baker, Viajera Angela Bermudez


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Nascence 2:03
02 The Call 4:59
03 Threshold 7:16
04 Road of Trials 5:31
05 Descent 5:34
06 Atonement 6:56
07 Confluence 4:38
08 Nadir 7:27
09 Apotheosis 7:25
10 I Was Born For This 4:54
Disc length 56:43



"To say JOURNEY's initial release changed my life would be a staggering understatement. Nearly everything about my world, from the friends I've made to the career opportunities i've enjoyed, seems directly connected to the reaction the game got. For a decade I've been overwhelmed by an outpouring of love that I never anticipated.

This album, on the occasion of the game's 10th anniversary, is my thank you. I've totally re-orchestrated and in many cases, heavily reimagined the whole score. My hope is that this album indulges that fantasy of feeling something old as if for the first time.

My deepest gratitude to the lineup of brilliant musicians that brought this to life: Tina Guo, then and now the soul of this score; the sheer genius of the London Symphony Orchestra with guest woodwind superstar Kristin Naigus; the inhuman London Voices; and the cadre of singers who elevated "I Was Born For This" to new heights.

Endless love to you all. Here's to more decades of making music!"

Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices Choir

Featuring Tina Guo

Composed and conducted by Austin Wintory
Produced by Austin Wintory and Andrea Pessino

Recorded at St. Luke's (London) and Capitol Records, Studio A (Los Angeles)

Choirmaster and London Voices director: Ben Parry
London Symphony Recording Manager: Mario De Sa

Additional woodwinds: Kristin Naigus

Vocal soloists:
Alina Gingertail
Laura Perrudin
Mika Kobayashi

Traveler choir:
Julie Elven
Adriana Figueroa
Rachel Hardy
Peter Hollens
Laura Intravia

Special guest violin: Taylor Davis

Recording engineers: Jake Jackson and Greg Hayes
Engineers on behalf of Classic Sound Ltd: Jonathan Stokes and Neil Hutchinson
ProTools operators: Marc McCouig and Kevin Globerman

Mixed and mastered by Steve Kempster
Assistant mix engineer: Matt Friedman

Orchestrations by Susie Seiter and Austin Wintory
MIDI transcription: M.R. Miller and Dallas Crane
Copyists: Steven Juliani Music
Librarian: Jill Streater Music

Album art direction: Angela Bermudez

Special Thanks: Andrea Pessino for embarking on this adventure with me, to thatgamecompany for starting it all, and Sony Santa Monica, Annapurna Interactive, Mario de Sa, my musical soulmate Tina Guo, my family, my brother Troy Baker and my Viajera Angela Bermudez.

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