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Brass Effect

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 09, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 30.00 USD
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
OrganizationsThe Game Brass


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    Soaring. Majestic. Inspiring. These words have been used to describe the vastness of space AND the stirring performances of video game music’s premiere brass ensemble, The Game Brass. Finally, these two forces of nature have combined for a new album: Brass Effect.
    Brass Effect is a double-album tribute to outer space in gaming, from obvious science-fiction selections from series like Mass Effect, Metroid, and Halo to rare ventures into space by series like Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. Selections also include indie favorites like FTL: Faster Than Light and cult classics like Jet Force Gemini and Star Ocean.

    Capturing the vastness of space across the whole history of gaming isn’t easy, which is why The Game Brass has enlisted a swarming constellation of guest stars, including PurpleSchala, Videri String Quartet, Ro Panuganti, Allison Martin Trombone, DiscoCactus, and more. In a first for the band, they’ve also expanded their horizons beyond their overworked regular arrangers, bringing in fantastic folks like John Paul Hayward (Cross Symphonic), Wayne Strange (Resurrection of the Night), and Ben Wallace (DiscoCactus), among others, to arrange for them.

    This enormous album spans decades of game history, all brought to rich, intimate life by one of the true thought leaders in the “video game music brass ensemble” industry.

    John Robert Matz: Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Arranger, Synth Programming
    Robby Duguay: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Mastering, Arranger
    Danny Flam: Horn, Trombone, Arranger
    JohnStacy: Horn, Trumpet, Arranger
    Daniel Romberger: Trombone, Euphonium, Whistling, Theremin, Arranger
    Alex Hill: Tuba, Arranger
    Thomas Kresge: Producer, Mix Engineer, Arranger, Synth Programming
    Scott Gamble: Album Art
    Jackie Fazekas: Horn
    Dewey Newt: Euphonium
    Rahul Vanamali: Percussion, Drum Set, Arranger
    Nabeel Ansari: Arranger
    Abigail Lannan: Euphonium
    Jordan Moore: Euphonium
    Brooke Ferd: Trumpet
    Eric L.: Trombone, Arranger
    Allison Martin: Trombone, Arranger, Percussion
    DiscoCactus is: Laura Intravia, Doug Perry, Ben Wallace, Sam Bobinski, Peter Bobinski, Matheus Garcia Souza
    Laura Intravia (DiscoCactus): Vocals
    Doug Perry (DiscoCactus): Percussion, Vibraphone
    Ben Wallace (DiscoCactus): Percussion, Piano, Arranger
    Sam Bobinski (DiscoCactus): Percussion
    Peter Bobinski (DiscoCactus): Percussion
    Matheus Garcia Souza (DiscoCactus, Videri String Quartet): Percussion, Violin
    Eileen Snyder: Arranger
    Isaac Smith: Arranger
    Tony Dickinson: Guitar, Bass, Arranger
    ErichWK: Drum Set
    Marc Papeghin: Horn
    Rebecca Patterson: Bass Trombone
    Avery Yonehiro: Trumpet
    Mitchell "SirEnobMort" Frey: Bass Trombone
    Ro Panuganti: Guitar, Bass, Arranger
    Wayne Strange: Arranger, Synth Programming
    Videri String Quartet is: Matheus Garcia Souza, Eli Bishop, Rosie Samter, Jeremiah Barcus
    Eli Bishop (Videri String Quartet): Violin
    Rosie Samter (Videri String Quartet): Viola
    Jeremiah Barcus (Videri String Quartet): Cello
    PurpleSchala: Piano
    Mathew Gagliardo: Trumpet
    Alana Yee: Horn
    Andrew Meredith: Horn
    Andrew Kroepel: Arranger
    Thein Amato: Trumpet
    John Paul Hayward: Arranger, Synth Programming
    Ian Martyn: Irish Tenor Banjo
    Yusuf Rashid: Drum Set
    Henry Faber: Logo Design
    Garrett Steele: Marketing

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    Products represented
    Super Mario Galaxy / /
    DuckTales / /
    Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) / /
    Pokémon Emerald Version / /
    Kingdom Hearts / /
    Star Fox 64 / /
    Sonic Adventure 2 / /
    FTL: Faster Than Light / /
    Mega Man 9 / /
    EarthBound / /
    Mass Effect / /
    Mass Effect 2 / /
    Mass Effect 3 / /
    Halo: Combat Evolved / /
    Gradius III / /
    StarCraft / /
    Jet Force Gemini / /
    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
    Star Ocean: The Second Story / /
    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition / /
    Outer Wilds
    Metroid / /
    Metroid Prime / /
    Mario Kart 64 / /

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