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Gotta Go Faster

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 196778538484
Release Date Apr 04, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.49 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherGive Heart Records / /
Phonographic CopyrightGive Heart Records / /


Arranged by / Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
Covered by / Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
Composer / Russell Velázquez*, Norman Grossfeld, Jun Senoue / , Ted Poely*, Tomoya Ohtani / , Jaret Reddick*, Alex Makhlouf, Samuel Frisch, Johnny Gioeli, Ali Tabatabae*, Zebrahead, Mike Szuter, Kenichi Tokoi / , Rumblebee*, Takahiro Fukada /
Mixed by / Shawn Christmas
Mastered by / Shawn Christmas
Instrumental / Shawn Christmas
Guest Vocals / Andrew Stein, Arin Hanson
Additional Production / Charlie Hadley


Disc 1

01 Gotta Go Fast (Sonic X Theme) 1:00
02 Escape from the City (feat. Andrew Stein) 2:19
03 Infinite (feat. Arin Hanson) 2:34
04 Fist Bump (feat. Andrew Stein) 4:23
05 Endless Possibility 4:06
06 Reach for the Stars 4:02
07 Sonic Heroes 3:26
08 His World 3:25
09 Live and Learn 4:27
10 Knight of the Wind 4:28
11 I Am All of Me 3:50
12 What I'm Made Of 3:41
13 All Hail Shadow 3:59
14 Seven Rings in Hand 5:05
15 Open Your Heart 4:59
Disc length 55:44



Arranged and Covered by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
Mixed and Mastered by Shawn Christmas

Instrumental on 1, 8~10, and 12~15 by Shawn Christmas
Guest Vocals on "Escape from the City" and "Fist Bump" by Andrew Stein
Guest Vocals on "Infinite" by Arin Hanson
Additional Production on "Fist Bump" by Charlie Hadley


"Gotta Go Fast (Sonic X Theme)"
Written by Russell Velázquez & Norman J. Grossfeld

"Escape from the City" (Sonic Adventure 2)
Music & Arrangement: Jun Senoue, Words: Ted Poley

"Infinite" (Sonic Forces)
Lyrics by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane (Dangerkids)
Composed by Tomoya Ohtani

"Fist Bump" (Sonic Forces)
Lyrics by Douglas Robb (Hoobastank)
Composed by Tomoya Ohtani

"Endless Posibility" (Sonic Unleashed)
Music by Tomoya Ohtani
Lyrics by Jaret Reddick

"Reach for the Stars" (Sonic Colors)
Music by Tomoya Ohtani
Lyrics by Alex Makhlouf & Samuel Frisch

"Sonic Heroes" (Sonic Heroes)
Music by Jun Senoue
Lyrics by Johnny Gioeli

"His World" (Sonic '06)
Music by Tomoya Ohtani
Lyrics by Ali Tabatabaee, Johnny Gioeli, and

"Live and Learn" (Sonic Adventure 2)
Music & Arrangement: Jun Senoue, Words: Johnny Gioeli

"I Am All of Me" (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Music by Jun Senoue
Lyrics by Johnny Gioeli

"What I'm Made Of" (Sonic Heroes)
music & arrangement : Jun Senoue  lyrics : Johnny Gioeli

"All Hail Shadow" (Sonic '06 version)
Written by Jun Senoue & Mike Szuter

"Seven Rings in Hand" (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
Music: Kenichi Tokoi
Lyrics: Runblebee

"Open Your Heart" (Sonic Adventure)
Music: Jun Senoue & Kenichi Tokoi
Words: Jun Senoue & Takahiro Fukada
Arrangement: Jun Senoue

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