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Catalog Number LC2602~4
Release Date May 11, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4950 JPY
Media Format 3 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelKONAMI / /
PublisherKonami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. / /
Exclusive RetailerKONAMI STYLE / /


All Music Composed by / AKIRA YAMAOKA


Disc 1 [LC2602]

01 From Silence, Whispers Awake
02 Unfolding Tales of Hidden Meanings
03 Echoes of Time, Guiding Forward
04 Words Lurk in Shadows, Speaking Softly
05 The Call of the Unknown, Stirring Souls
06 Encrypted Dreams, Night's Murmurs
07 Beneath Starlit Skies, Secrets Seekers Wander
08 On Paths Enshrouded, Mysteries Beckon
09 Clues Woven into the Breeze, Leading Astray
10 Night's Enigma, Calling Faintly
11 Voices Lost, Whispering Across Ages
12 A Map in Murmurs, Revealed
13 Journey Through Mist, A Beginning
14 Under Moonlight, Puzzles Await
15 In Gardens of Silence, Quiet Conversations
16 Chasing Shadows for Elusive Truths
17 The Echo of a Forgotten Melody
18 Heart's Language, Deciphered
19 Cast by the Unseen, Shadows Lengthen
20 Secrets Told on Still Waters
21 Quest for the Voice of Silence
22 Glimmers of Light in the Dark
23 Following Whispers, Path Unveils
24 Secrets Unveiled, Beyond the Veil
25 Nature's Cipher, Unlocked
26 A Message from the Stars, Received
27 Awakening of the Inner Voice
28 Mysteries' Tapestry, Unraveled
29 The Final Clue Before the Dawn
30 My Heroine
Disc 2 [LC2603]

01 Discovery's First Step, A Whisper
02 Beyond Horizons, Echoes Call
03 The Inner Map Unfolds
04 Trails Illuminated by Starlight
05 From Whispers to Voices, Transformation
06 Visions Guiding the Wayward Heart
07 Riddles of the Soul, Unraveled
08 Wisdom's Echoes, Growing Louder
09 In Ancient Truth's Shadow
10 Light Unveils Hidden Messages
11 Soul's Deep Dive into Self
12 Secrets of Being, Uncovered
13 Worlds Connected by Unseen Bridges
14 Harmonizing the Symphony of Messages
15 Reflections of Truth in Every Heart
16 Understanding Past Whispers
17 A Chorus of Echoes, Uniting
18 The Key to Futures, Found
19 Through Confusion's Storm, A Light
20 Clarity's Light, Breaking Through
21 Carried on Winds of Change, Messages
22 Insight's Dance Begins
23 Harmonizing Truth and Dreams
24 Amplifying the Soul's Voice
25 The Penultimate Revelation Nears
26 The Quest's Culmination
27 My Heroine (Game-Size Version)
Disc 3 [LC2604]

01 Gentle Dawning of Revelation
02 Unity Found in Every Whisper
03 Worlds' Harmony, Revealed
04 Once Veiled Truths, Now Seen
05 Convergence of Echoes and Light
06 Messages Transcending Time's Bound
07 Interpreting the Cosmos' Symphony
08 A World Transformed by Words
09 The Legacy of the Message Endures
10 The Soul's Journey Illuminated
11 Insights Bloom Like Spring Flowers
12 Building Bridges to Understanding
13 Fate's Tapestry, Rewoven
14 Light Cascading Through Doubt
15 Discovering the Essence of Connection
16 Embracing the Universe's Song
17 Wisdom Shared Through Ages
18 Completing the Circle of Messages
19 A Call to Many Hearts
20 The Age of Enlightenment Dawns
21 The Eternal Dance of Messages
22 Interwoven Unity and Diversity
23 Reflecting Upon the Journey
24 The Soul's Narrative, Fulfilled
25 My Heroine (Spanish Version)

  Total tracks 82


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