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EVE burst error CD DRAMA ~Eldia Secret Files Chapter~

EVE burst error CD DRAMA エルディア秘録編
Catalog Number KICA-1218
Barcode 4988003222758
Release Date Oct 23, 1998
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3059 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Drama
LabelKING / /
ManufacturerKing Record Co., Ltd. / /
DistributorKing Record Co., Ltd. / /


Disc 1

01 Prologue エルディア取材旅行 ストーリー 7:11
02 風を切って行こう、上を向いていこう 4:09
03 Lazy afternoon 天城探偵事務所 ストーリー 9:46
04 The road to ruin 破滅の足音 14:11
05 The old devil moon それぞれの戦い 12:23
06 Sorrows and pities 一つの結末 16:46
07 Epilogue つかの間の日常 5:57
08 IF EVER I FALL ―失われた愛のために― 4:25
Disc length 74:48



"Kaze wo Kitteikou, Ue wo Mukaiteikou"
   written by Hiroe Ueda
   composed by Jiro Jin
   arranged by Awaya n' Jiro (Sanji Awaya, Jiro Jin)
   performed by Mika Kanai
   chorus by Jiro Jin, Hiroe Ueda

"IF EVER I FALL -Ushinawareta Ai no tame ni-"
   written, composed & arranged by Kenjiro Sakiya
   performed by Yuko Mizutani
   chorus by Kenjiro Sakiya, Hiroe Ueda

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