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Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX O.S.T.2




Disc 1

01 cyberbird 5:59
02 rise 5:28
03 ride on technology 4:41
04 idling 2:48
05 i can't be cool 4:31
06 3tops 3:57
07 gonna rice 2:01
08 GET9 4:42
09 Go DA DA 1:52
10 psychedelic soul 4:45
11 what's it for 3:14
12 living inside the shell 6:24
13 pet food 1:28
14 security off 1:13
15 to tell the truth 4:48
16 i do 4:49
17 we can't be cool 1:33
Disc length 64:13



all music by yoko kanno

words: gabriela robin
vocal: gabriela robin

M-02 - TV Anime "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG" Opening Theme
words: origa, tim jensen
vocal: origa

words: ilaria graziano
vocal: ilaria graziano

M-08 - TV Anime "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" 2nd Opening Theme
words: tim jensen
performed by jillmax

words: tim jensen
vocal: scott matthew

words: tim jensen
vocal: emily curtis

M-12 - TV Anime "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG" Ending Theme
words: shanti snyder
vocal: steve conte, shanti snyder [reading]

M-16 - TV Anime "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" 2nd Ending Theme
words: ilaria graziano
vocal: ilaria graziano

-music staff-
produced by yoko kanno
co-produced by ota, toshiaki
directed by ishikawa, yoshimoto
recorded by yabuhara, masahi / james p.nichols
assisted by kasuya, shohei [victor studio]
mixed by yabuhara, masashi
mastered by george marino [sterling sound in nyc]
recorded at victor studio / soundcity studio / soundtrack studio [nyc] / manhattan center studios [nyc]
coordinated by nakatani, yoshio [napoli] / cherry kaoru hulsey [nyc] / noma, eriko [tokyo]

bass: watanabe, hitoshi / imahori, tsuneo / gary foote
guitar: imahori, tsuneo / steve conte
drums: sano, yasuo
piano & key, kazoo, conduct: yoko kanno
percussion: misawa, mataro
trumpet: hara, tomonao
sax: honda, masato
synth: urata, keishi / sakamoto, shunsuke
strings: shinozaki, masatsugu group
strings quartette: gen, ittetsu group
voice: tim jensen / ilaria graziano
reading: shanti snyder
chorus: gabriela robin / origa / scott matthew / emily curtis / steve conte / ilaria graziano

vocal: jhonclark parent / hide
mc: james miller / eddie warren
chorus: ed / tim jensen

translation by mayu jensen / origa / gabriela robin / wakako ichihara / takayuki fujita / shanti snyder

promotion by ito, shosei
sales promotion by yamashita, kou / sato, masakazu

art direction and design by mach55 go!
cover illustration by nishio, tetsuya
editorial coordination by kobayashi, yasuko

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