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Kalafina Live 2010 "Red Moon" at JCB Hall

Catalog Number SEBL-125 (alternate printing of SEXL-3)
Barcode 4547557009019
Release Date Dec 01, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 5565 JPY
Media Format DVD
Classification Vocal, Live Event, Original Work
Organizations SME Records / / (Label), SME Records Inc. / / (Manufacturer), Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc. / / (Distributor)
Composed by Yuki Kajiura /
Arranged by Yuki Kajiura /
Performed by Kalafina (Wakana, Keiko, Hikaru), Tomoharu "Jr." Takahashi / , Kyoichi Sato / , Hitoshi Konno / , Koichi Korenaga / , Hirotaka Sakurada /
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by

Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 overture~red moon
02 Hand in hand and eye to eye
03 fantasia
04 MC-1
05 sapphire
06 Chant of the stars
07 Song of darkness
08 Apples of summer
09 fairytale
11 progressive
12 Spring is within a golden dream
13 storia
14 intermezzo
15 Lacrimosa
16 The wind grew strong again
17 Kyrie
18 Music
19 MC-2
20 Melody of light
21 overture~love come down
22 sprinter
23 MC-3
24 I have a dream
25 Lineup
27 "Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2010 in ASIA (Hong Kong)" Documentary


Bass: Tomoharu "Jr." Takahashi
Drums: Kyoichi Sato
Violin: Hitoshi Konno
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga
Keyboard: Hirotaka Sakurada
Manipulator: Yoshio Ohira

M-09: Anime movie Kara no Kyoukai "Boukyaku Rokuon" ending song
M-10: Anime movie Kara no Kyoukai "Garan no Dou" ending song
M-15: Anime series "Kuroshitsuji" second ending song
M-20: Anime series "Sora no Woto" opening song
M-22: Anime movie Kara no Kyoukai "Mujun Rasen" ending song
M-24: Anime movie "Time of EVE" ending song

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