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BUST A MOVE 2 Dance Tengoku MIX Original soundtrack

バストアムーブ2 ダンス天国MIX Original soundtrack
Catalog Number AMCM-4432
Barcode 4988029443236
Release Date Apr 21, 1999
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2940 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations East West Japan / / (Publisher), Warner Music Japan Inc. / / (Distributor)
Composed by Stellar All Stars, Shin Kono / , CPM-MARVIN, Tetsutaro Sakurai / , Yukihiro Fukutomi / , Kaname Ota / , DJ Hasebe, Ryosuke Imai / , Junichi Tanaka, Joujouka, Parts of Console, MONKY /
Arranged by Stellar All Stars, KT2, Shin Kono / , CPM-MARVIN, T-Sugie, Tetsutaro Sakurai / , Yukihiro Fukutomi / , Kaname Ota / , Junichi Tanaka, BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND /
Performed by Stellar All Stars, Aaron G., Masters of Funk, Aie, Chad Howleft, Earl Bryant Jr., Yukihiro Fukutomi / , Momoko Suzuki / , Tetsutaro Sakurai / , Reiko Oda, Kaname Ota / , DJ Hasebe, Emiko, Anji, Junichi Tanaka, Joujouka, Parts of Console, Michiko Kawai, BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND / , Double (Takako, Sachiko)
Lyrics by Aaron G., MJ Raa-Dee, Kenzo Saeki / , Stellar All Stars, Momoko Suzuki / , Emiko
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by

Disc 1

01 Opening Theme 'HIGH VOLTAGE (THEME OF BUST A MOVE 2) 0:36
02 Heat's theme 'THE HEAT IS ON' 4:55
03 Strike's theme 'HERE COMES TROUBLE' 3:07
04 Shorty's theme 'HAPPY HEART IN THE SUNLIGHT' 4:25
06 Tsutomo's theme 'GOT TO BE HAPPY' 6:28
07 Comet's theme 'MAGIC TOWER' 4:32
08 Bi-o's theme 'ZOMBIE HOPPER' 5:23
09 Kelly's theme 'MOON LIGHT PARTY ~CLAP YOUR HANDS' 3:37
10 Kitty-N's theme 'HELLO! Kitty-N' 4:19
11 Capoeria's theme 'ALLEGRETTO BREAK' 5:46
12 Robo-Z Gold's theme 'ACID LINE' 7:31
13 Pander's theme 'ENKA 1' 4:03
14 Ending Theme 'BUST A GROOVE' 3:24
Disc length 60:55


"High Voltage"
Composed & Performed by Stellar All Stars
Arranged by Stellar All Stars & KT2

"The Heat Is On"
Composed, Arranged, Programming & Keyboards by Shin Kono
Lyrics & Performed by Aaron G.
Chorus: Tynice Brooks, Shyeka Hopkins
Alto Saxophone & Flute: Takuo Yamamoto
Flugel Horn: Toshio Araki

"Here Comes Trouble"
Composed & Arranged by CPM-MARVIN
Lyrics & Rap by MJ Raa-Dee
Performed by Masters of Funk
Keyboards & Arrangement: T-Sugie
Scratch: DJ-Missie

"Happy Heart in the Sunlight"
Composed, Arranged, Keyboards, Programming & Chorus by Tetsutaro Sakurai
Lyrics by Kenzo Saeki
Performed by Aie
Guitar: Kiyoshi Tsuchiya
Bass: Masahiko Rokukawa

"Let the Music Take Control"
Composed, Lyrics & Performed by Stellar All Stars
Vocals by Chad Howleft & Earl Bryant Jr.

"Got to be Happy"
Composed, Arranged, Performed, Programming & Keyboards by Yukihiro Fukutomi
Lyrics & Vocals by Momoko Suzuki
Performed by Yukihiro Fukutomi featuring Momoko Suzuki
Chorus: Double (Sachiko & Takako)
Keyboards: 笹田健男

"Magic Tower"
Composed, Arranged, Performed, Keyboards, Programming, Chorus: Tetsutaro Sakurai
Lyrics by Momoko Suzuki
Performed by Tetsutaro Sakurai featuring Reiko Oda
Guitar: Kiyoshi Tsuchiya
Bass: Masahiko Rokukawa

"Zombie Hopper"
Composed, Arranged, Performed, Programming & All Instruments by Kaname

"Moon Light Party ~ Clap Your Hands"
Composed by DJ Hasebe & Ryosuke Imai
Lyrics by Emiko
Performed by DJ Hasebe featuring Emiko
Track Progamming by DJ Hasebe

"Hello! Kitty-N"
Composed, Arranged, Programming & Keyboards by Shin Kono
Lyrics & Performed by Anji
Guitar: Masahiro Inaba
Bass: Masafumi Yokoyama

"Allegretto Break"
Composed, Arranged & Performed by Junichi Tanaka

"Acid Line"
Composed & Performed by Joujouka (Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Takeshi Isogai)

"Enka 1"
Composed by Parts of Console (Kenji Tanaka & Tsutomu Murakami)
Performed by Parts of Console featuring Michiko Kawai

"Bust A Groove"
Composed by Monky
Arranged & Performed by Black Bottom Brass Band

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