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Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction Original Soundtrack From The LucasArts Videogame

Catalog Number LLLCD 1029
Barcode 826924102923
Release Date Dec 14, 2004
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherLa-La Land Records / /


Composer / Chris Tilton, Michael Giacchino
Arranger / Tim Simonec, Larry Kenton, Matthew Ferraro, Steve Zuckerman, Chris Tilton, Mark Gasbarro
Performer / The Northwest Sinfonia (Simon James)
Lyricist / Chad Seiter
Recording Engineer / Dan Wallin
Mixing Engineer / Dan Wallin
Mastering Engineer / James Nelson
Conductor / Tim Simonec


Disc 1

01 Mercenaries Main Theme 4:13
02 Destination: DMZ 3:39
03 Allied Nations 3:24
04 Mercenary Without A Cause 5:41
05 Deck of 52 2:05
06 For the Motherland 2:33
07 Family Business 3:04
08 Show Me the Mercenary 2:06
09 Honor and Strength 3:28
10 Hidden Valley Bunker 4:55
11 Sniper 2:17
12 Swedish Fireballs 3:05
13 Trouble at Work 2:07
14 Trains, Planes, and HMMWVs 2:04
15 Relentless Pursuit 2:27
16 Gas Tank on the Roof 1:05
17 Explosion Scherzo 1:53
18 Thermal Event 2:13
19 Countdown 3:07
20 The Blinding Flash 1:09
21 World's Best Carpool Lane 1:54
Disc length 58:29



Executive Album Producers For La-La Land Records - Michael V. Gerhard and Matt Verboys
Album Produced by LucasArts with Michael Giacchino and Ford A. Thaxton In Associaton With La-La Land Records

Mastered by James Nelson At Digital Outland
CD Art Direction: Mark Banning
Art Created by Pandemic Studios
Original Themes by Michael Giacchino
Original Score by Chris Tilton
Conducted and Orchestrated by Tim Simonec
Additional Orchestration - Matthew Ferraro, Steve Zuckerman, Larry Kenton, Mark Gasbarro, and Chris Tilton
Recorded by Steve Smith at St. Thomas Chapel, Bastyr University. Seattle, WA
Mixed by Dan Wallin at Dreammaker Studios
Contractor and Concertmaster - Simon James
Choral Director - Joe Crnko
Score performed by The Northwest Sinfonia
Music Copyist - Gregg Nestor
Score Prep and Nonsensical Latin Lyrics by Chad Seiter
Music Editing and Album Assembly by Chris Tilton

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