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リマスタートラック ロックマンゼロ・テロス

Disc 1

01 Title III 0:12
02 Neo Arcadia March 1:33
03 Forbidden Ark 2:45
04 Break Out 2:25
05 Darkness over World 3:26
06 Exiled One —Omega— 1:18
07 Omega Battle 1:04
08 Curse of Vile 3:01
09 Result of Mission III 0:58
10 Prismatic 2:29
11 Visor Eyes 3:05
12 Volcano 2:45
13 Water City 2:54
14 Reborn Mechanics 3:05
15 Old Life Space 2:02
16 Crèer and Prier 1:10
17 Crash III 1:20
18 Final Count Down 2:23
19 Omega Missile 1:04
20 Darkelf —Arrange— 1:47
21 For Endless Fight III 3:25
22 Sand Triangle II 3:35
23 Infiltration II 2:41
24 Neo Arcadia III 3:27
25 Cold Smile 3:08
26 Trail on Powdery Snow 4:19
27 Submerged Memory 2:34
28 High-Speed Lift 2:33
Disc length 66:28
Disc 2

01 Hell's Gate Open 3:39
02 Scrapped Beat 1:23
03 Judgement Day 3:32
04 Return to Zero 1:41
05 Apocalypse Now 0:56
06 Cannon Ball 2:16
07 I, 0 Your Fellow 2:50
08 Everlasting Red 3:11
09 Labo —System-a-Ciel— 2:22
10 Retrospect1_Elf War 3:36
11 Record1_Clockwork Apple 4:44
12 Record2_Irregular Passion 4:27
13 Decision_Eight Gentle Judges 2:31
14 Diary_Alouette's Good Day 14:38
15 Will1_Vile Numbers 4:21
16 Will2_Light and Shadow 1:30
17 Will3_Stand and Fight 3:20
18 Will4_With Our Justice 2:46
19 Retrospect2_Dream's Never End 0:43
Disc length 64:26


Track 1-16 and the "Crèer disc" should be spelled "Créer", according to the French verb "to create".

III : Sound Create Unit

Ippo Yamada : Keyboards, Sound Effect, Computer Programming
Luna Umegaki : Keyboards, Computer Programming, Arrangement
Tsutomu Kurihara : Guitars, Computer Programming
Masaki Suzuki: Guitars, Sound Effect (on Crèer disc - tr12,13,15)


Yuto Kazama : Zero
Rie Tanaka : Ciel

Megumi Ogata : Harpuia, Jaune
Kazuya Nakai : Fafnir
Tetsu Inada : Phantom
Yuka Imai : Leviathan, Rouge (& Copy-X mkII)

Tsutomu Kashiwakura : TK31(Elpis)

Hisao Egawa : Tretista Kelverian, HE22
Naoki Yanagi : Cubit Foxtar
Keiji Hirai : Deathtanz Mantisk
Yukiko Hirotsu : Childre Inarabitta

Takahiro Mizushima : CyberX
Ryo Hirohashi : Alouette
Ikuo Nishikawa : Andrew

Takahiro Fujimoto : Doctor
Tetsuya Kakihara : Harpuia's ADC

Crèer disc (Disc 1)

[tr01] Title III
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr02] Neo Arcadia March
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr03] Forbidden Ark
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr04] Break Out
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr05] Darkness over World
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr06] Exiled One -Omega-
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr07] Omega Battle
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr08] Curse of Vile
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr09] Result of Mission III
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr10] Prismatic
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr11] Visor Eyes
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr12] Volcano
       music by Masaki Suzuki

[tr13] Water City
       music by Masaki Suzuki

[tr14] Reborn Mechanics
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr15] Old Life Space
       music by Masaki Suzuki

[tr16] Crèer and Prier
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr17] Crash III
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr18] Final Count Down
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr19] Omega Missile
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr20] Darkelf -Arrange-
       music by Luna Umegaki - Ippo Yamada

[tr21] For Endless Fight III
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr22] Sand Triangle II
       music by Tsutomu Kurihara - Ippo Yamada

[tr23] Infiltration II
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr24] Neo Arcadia III
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr25] Cold Smile
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr26] Trail on Powdery Snow
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr27] Submerged Memory
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr28] High-Speed Lift
       music by Ippo Yamada

Prier disc (Disc 2)

[tr01] Hell's Gate Open
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr02] Scrapped Beat
       music by Makoto Tomozawa - Ippo Yamada

[tr03] Judgement Day
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr04] Return to Zero
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr05] Apocalypse Now
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr06] Cannon Ball
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr07] I, 0 Your Fellow
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr08] Everlasting Red
       music by Ippo Yamada

[tr09] Labo -System-a-Ciel-
       music by Luna Umegaki

All arranged by III

ZERO Chronicles :

[tr10] Retrospect1_Elf War

[tr11] Record1_Clockwork Apple

[tr12] Record2_Irregular Passion

[tr13] Decision_Eight Gentle Judges

[tr14] Words_Alouette's Good Day

[tr15] Will1_Vile Numbers

[tr16] Will2_Light and Shadow

[tr17] Will3_Stand and Fight

[tr18] Will4_With Our Justice

[tr19] Retrospect2_Dream's Never End

plot by Makoto Yabe
scenario by Noboru Honda, Takayuki Inoue

Produce, Supervise, Recording: Ippo Yamada
Mix, Mastering: Tsutomu Kurihara (Crysta)
Recording Studio: Studio882, Sound Gate Studio, Power House Studio

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