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The Best of Cinema Music / Joe Hisaishi


Disc 1

01 NAUSICAÄ (From the film "Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind") 9:54
02 Princess Mononoke (From the film "Princess Mononoke") 8:15
03 THE GENERAL (From the film "THE GENERAL (Keaton's The Great Train Pursuit)") 4:28
04 Raging Men (From the film "Brother") 1:47
05 HANA-BI (From the film "HANA-BI") 3:32
06 Kids Return (From the film "Kids Return") 4:19
07 Let The Bullets Fly (From the film "Let the Bullets Fly") 5:10
08 Howl's Moving Castle (From the film "Howl's Moving Castle") 11:47
09 One Summer's Day (From the film "Spirited Away") 4:22
10 Summer (From the film "Kikujiro") 4:03
11 Villain (From the film "Villain") 11:02
12 Ashitaka and San (From the film "Princess Mononoke") 4:40
13 My Neighbour TOTORO (From the film "My Neighbor Totoro") 4:10
Disc length 77:29



Live album from Joe Hisaishi for the 3.11 Tsunami Charity Concert performance series, held at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall on 6/9/2011.  Performed by the Tokyo New City Orchestra with the Little Singers of Tokyo on chorus.

All Music Composed, Conducted & Produced by Joe Hisaishi
Piano by Joe Hisaishi

Orchestra : Tokyo New City Orchestra, Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra
Soprano : Masako Hayashi (M-2, M-11)
Chorus : Tokyo Special Choir, The Little Singers of Tokyo,
         Hyogo Prefectural Nagata High School Music Club,
         Osaka Seikei Gakuen Choir Club
         Osaka Gakugei High School Choir Club,
         Osaka Municipal Mitsuya Primary School Kodomo-kai Music Club

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