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Dance Summit 2001 Bust A Move Original Soundtrack


Composer / DJ Defilements, Noboru Saito / , A.S.E.
Arranger / DJ Defilements, Random Future
Performer / 2 Nice, DJ Defilements, RYO the SKYWALKER, Miki Takaesu, ellin, D.U.B., Kendi Ohtsuki, Koz, Mie / , Random Future, D&B, Boat
Lyricist / RYO the SKYWALKER, Noboru Saito / , A.S.E., AIN


Disc 1

01 Nah-Ten-Ten (Opening) 1:37
02 Custom Move (Stage: 79 Street / Team: Jumbo Max) 4:02
03 Red Star (Stage: Jungle Rock / Team: Cusu Cusu) 3:14
04 Game World (Stage: Kita 2001 / Team: Data Be Bops) 3:02
05 Do You Think You and I Can Get Acquainted? (Stage: Muscle Stadium / Team: Discos Estrus) 4:23
06 Cherry Bomb! (Stage: Queen's High School / Team: School Mates) 4:37
07 My Name Is Sister "Get" (Stage: Hanazono / Team: Flower Dancing Team) 4:11
08 Ichijiku (Stage: Iga-Base / Team: Far East Commander) 4:16
09 God of Funk (Stage: Disco 21 / Team: Galaxy 4) 4:37
10 Kyogen Message (Ending) 4:57
Disc length 38:56



Performed by 2 Nice

"Kasuta Move"
Performed by DJ Defilements feat. RYO the SKYWALKER
Music & Arrangement: DJ Defilements

"Red Star"
Performed by Miki Takaesu (高江州美紀)

"Game World"
Performed by ellin

"Do You Think You and I Can Get Acquainted?"
Performed by D.U.B. featuring Kendi Ohtsuki (大槻ケンヂ)

"Cherry Bomb!"
Performed by Koz

"My Name Is Sister 'Get'"
Performed by Mie (未唯)

Performed by Random Future
Words & Music: Noboru Saito
Arrangement: Random Future

"God of Funk"
Performed by D&B

"Kyogen Message"
Performed by Boat
Words: A.S.E., AIN
Music: A.S.E.

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