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Escape / Hemenway


Composer / Isaac, Charm
Arranger / Isaac, Charm
Performer / Hemenway (Isaac, Charm, Ogaching, Toshi)
Lyricist / Isaac, Charm
Recording Engineer / Kenichi Koga / , Charm, Tomoki Kagami /
Recording Studio / Aobadai Studio / , Hitokuchi-zaka Studio
Mixing Engineer / Kenichi Koga / , Masahiko Sato /
Mixing Studio / Aobadai Studio / , Hitokuchi-zaka Studio
Mastering Engineer / Shigeo Miyamoto /
Mastering Studio / form THE MASTER


Disc 1

01 Escape 3:34
02 Shifting 4:35
03 Koko ni Inai Kimi e 4:58
04 Escape (Lightning Guitar Ver.) 3:36
Disc length 16:43



M-1 - Escape (TV Anime "Eureka Seven AO" Opening Theme)
Composed by Isaac / Lyrics by Isaac / Arranged by Isaac

M-2 - Shifting
Composed by Isaac / Lyrics by Isaac / Arranged by Isaac

M-3 - Koko ni Inai Kimi e
Composed by Charm / Lyrics by Charm / Arranged by Charm

M-4 - Escape (Lighting Guitar Ver.)
Composed by Isaac / Arranged by Charm

Hemenway are
Isaac [Vocals, Guitar]
Charm [Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Chorus]
Ogaching [Bass, Chorus]
Toshi [Drums, Chorus]

Produced by Hemenway

Recording Engineer:
  Kenichi Koga (M-1~4 / Aobadai Studio)
  Tomoki Kagami (M-2 Chorus)
  Charm (M-2 Chorus)

Mixing Engineer:
  Masahiko Sato (M-1~2, M-4 / mixmix.)
  Kenichi Koga (M-3 / Aobadai Studio)

Recorded at Aobadai Studio, Hitokuchi-zaka Studio, Compal Studio, Charm St.
Mixed at Hitokuchi-zaka Studio (M-1~2, M-4), Aobadai Studio (M-3)
Mastering Engineer: Shigeo Miyamoto (form THE MASTER)

Instrumental Technician: Tomoo Ohnuma
Drums Technician:
  Shunichiro Kato (M-1, M-4 / JAM)
  Yoshio Arimatsu (M-2)

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