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Piano Collections "FINAL FANTASY IV"

ピアノ・コレクションズ ファイナルファンタジーIV
Catalog Number NTCP-1001 (reprint of N38D-010)
Barcode 4930203120129
Release Date May 23, 2001
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2310 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
LabelNTT PUB. / /
PublisherNTT Publishing Co., Ltd. / / , PRYAID RECORDS INC. / /


Composer / Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranger / Shiro Sato /
Performer / Toshiyuki Mori /
Strings Arranger / 斎藤修
Producer / Kensuke Matsushita / (NTT PUB.)
Coordinator / ルチアーノ梅澤, Tadashi Nomura / (Square)
Balance Engineer / MARQUEE NOMURA
Art Director / 山本宗弘 (Take Off)
Illustrator / Yoshitaka Amano / (Ten Productions)
Executive Producer / Yoshitomo Ogata / (NTT), Yoshitomo Sakuma / (Hakuhodo CSD)
Supervisor / SQUARE CO., LTD. /
Liner Notes / Nobuo Uematsu /


Disc 1

01 The Prelude 3:38
02 Theme of Love 3:59
03 Prologue 3:09
04 Welcome to Our Town! 3:07
05 Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV 3:24
06 Chocobo-chocobo 2:52
07 Into the Darkness 4:58
08 Rydia 3:21
09 Melody of Lute 3:39
10 Golbeza Clad in the Dark 3:36
11 Troian Beauty 3:25
12 The Battle 6:49
13 Epilogue 7:21
14 Theme of Love (ensemble) 4:07
Disc length 57:25



All Music Composed & Produced by Nobuo Uematsu

All Music Arranged by Shiro Satou
Strings Arranged by Osamu Saitou
Performed by Toshiyuki Mori
Producer: Kensuke Matsushita (NTT PUB.)
Coordinator: Luciano Umezawa, Tadashi Nomura (Square)
Balance Engineer: Marquee Nomula

Art Direction: Tadashi Shimada (Banana Studio)
Design: Tadashi Shimada (Banana Studio), Norie Kadokura (Banana Studio)
Photography: Hiroshi Shibaizumi, Toshio Sasaki (Hand Made)

Notes from Parent Album:
The N38D-010 and PSCN-5008 releases are contained in hardcover books with a plastic cover. The hardcover book includes piano scores, notes for each piece, and black and white drawings by Yoshitaka Amano. The NTCP-1001 release, however, comes in regular CD case.

Composition: Nobuo Uematsu (Square)
Arrangement: Shiro Satou
Performance: Toshiyuki Mori
Strings Arrange: 斎藤修

Producer: Kensuke Matsushita (NTT PUB.)
Coordinator: ルチアーノ梅澤, Tadashi Nomura (Square)
Balance Engineer: MARQUEE NOMURA
Art Director: 山本宗弘 (Take Off)
Illustrator: Yoshitaka Amano (Ten Productions)
Executive Producer: Yoshitomo Ogata (NTT), Yoshitomo Sakuma (Hakuhodo CSD)

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SNES (Super Famicom)

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