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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 24, 2013
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
PublisherAustin Wintory / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Disc 1

01 What's Yours Is Mine 0:43
02 Prison life 3:35
03 Hijack at the Hairpin 1:49
04 Foreign Affairs 3:55
05 Liquidity 3:18
06 Manoir Moucharder 3:08
07 Turf War 1:44
08 Le Port de la Condamine 2:18
09 Centre Hospitalier 1:44
10 False Teeth 5:12
11 The Devil's Trick 3:27
12 Discothéque Rouge 2:49
13 Quartier Diamant 4:41
14 Pearls Before Swine 2:22
15 Casino De Monte Carlo 2:26
16 Hôtel De Monaco 2:07
17 Can't Resist 2:03
18 This City is my Prison 1:18
19 As the Sun Sets in Monaco 4:53
20 Identity 1:44
21 They Never See Me Coming 2:02
22 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothes 2:48
23 Your Life is Mine 1:52
24 The Thrill of Thievery 3:45
25 Jimmyz 1:59
26 A Very Different Monaco 0:44
27 The Dark Heart of Monte Carlo 2:30
28 The Gentleman's Partita 2:00
29 Song of Banque 2:37
30 A Slightly Less Different Monaco 0:41
31 Stick 'Em 4:14
32 Discothéque Rouge, After Hours 4:06
33 Rats Will Eat Their Own 1:33
34 Shadows 2:18
35 Your Reeds Are Mine 1:27
36 Your Mallets Are Mine 1:54
Disc length 91:46



Original Music composed, produced and (sort of) performed by Austin Wintory


"Can't Resist"
Composed by Austin Wintory, lyrics by Laura Vall.
Vocals performed by Laura Vall and vocal engineering by Thomas Hjorth.

"This City is my Prison"
Arranged by Austin Wintory
Edited by Austin Wintory and Kert Gartner

"As the Sun Sets in Monaco"
Arranging, producing, programming and performing all by Laura Intravia

Arranged by Austin Wintory

"They Never See Me Coming"
Produced and performed by Peter Hollens
Lyrics by Laura Vall
Arrangement by Tom Anderson and Peter Hollens
Mixed by Ed Boyer

"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothes"
Arranged by Eli Bishop, performed by Videri String Quartet [Pamela Cumming (violin), Eli Bishop (violin), Rosie Samter (viola), Brent Selby (cello)]
Engineered and mixed by Marley Magner

"Your Life is Mine"
Arranged and produced by William Kage

"The Thrill of Thievery"
Arranged, produced and performed by Viking Jesus

Arranged by Austin Wintory

"A Very Different Monaco"
Arranged by Austin Wintory

"The Dark Heart of Monte Carlo"
Arranged and performed by Tina Guo

"The Gentleman's Partita
Arranged and Produced by Tomoki Miyoshi
- Hiroaki Yura (violin)
- Asuka Matsumoto (piano)
Engineered and mixed by Katsutaka Suzuki

"Song of Banque"
Arranged and Produced by Austin Wintory
Ocarina performed and engineered by Cris Gale

"A Slightly Less Different Monaco"
Arranged by Austin Wintory

"Stick 'Em"
Produced by Melvin Raymond and Mega Ran
Performed by Raheem "Mega Ran" Jarbo feat. Jermiside

"Discothéque Rouge, After Hours"
Arranged and produced by Chipzel

"Rats Will Eat Their Own
Arranged by Austin Wintory

Lyrics by Laura Vall
Arranged and performed by Malukah

"Your Reeds Are Mine"
Arranged by Kristin Naigus

"Your Mallets Are Mine"
Arranged by Brent Kennedy

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