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Tenchi The Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness Original Movie Soundtrack

Catalog Number PICD-1013A (U.S. printing of PICA-1146)
Barcode 013023511729
Release Date 1998
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal


Disc 1

01 Startica 3:26
02 Yuzuha's Theme 2:07
03 Mayuka's Theme 2:36
04 The Masaki's Dining Room 1:38
05 Washu's Conclusion 1:34
06 Christmas Dream (Midsummer's Eve variation) 2:21
07 Mystery 2:30
08 Mayuka's Theme (Melancholy version) 1:52
09 Gliding Through the Air 1:19
10 Anxiety and Worry 1:37
11 Jealousy 2:16
12 Tenchi on the Roof 2:12
13 Mayuka's Theme (Voluptuous version) 1:41
14 Mayuka's Theme (Running version) 1:52
15 Into the Dimension of Darkness 1:51
16 Fight! 1:46
17 Theme of the Dark Dimension 3:01
18 Complications 1:47
19 Yuzuha's Theme (Malicious version) 1:45
20 Mayuka's Theme (Mayuka's Death version) 1:32
21 Yuzuha's Collapse 1:46
22 Mayuka's Theme (Hope of the Rebirth version) 1:57
23 Midsummer's Eve (Manatsu no Eve) 4:11
Disc length 48:37



U.S. Producer: Yuji Moriya
Digitally Mastered by Ramón Bretón at Ocean View Digital Mastering in Los Angeles
All Instrumental Music Composed by: Seikou Nagaoka
Jacket Design/Layout: Biff "Standard" Butler at Mind Meld Inc.
U.S. Production Assistant: Kevin Chu

U.S. Executive Producer: Henry Goto

Special Thanks to: Charles McCarter E.S.

Japanese Original Staff
Executive Producer: Taro Maki
Producer: Toru Kizaki
Co-Producer: Kazuaki Morijiri
Director: Yasunori Honda, Yuichi Sekido
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Toshiyuki Yoshida

Main Theme "Manatsu no Eve"
Produced by: Masato Nakamura
Music & Arrangement by: Masato Nakamura
Words & Performance by: Mariko Nagai
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Shouji Goto
Mastering Engineer: Masao Nakazato
Mastering Studio: Onkyo House
Production Assistant: Takahiro Nishikawa

The booklet credits all music and arrangement to Seikou Nagaoka, but it's actually Ko Ohtani.

Notes from Parent Album:
Music by Kow Otani

Composer & Arranger: Masato Nakamura
Vocals & Lyrics: Mariko Nagai

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