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Spectrum of Mana

Spectrum of Mana: A Tribute to Secret of Mana
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 28, 2013
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 15.00 USD
Media Format 3 CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
OrganizationsSpectrum of Mana


Composer / Hiroki Kikuta /
Arranger / Dr. Manhattan, Ailsean, norg, Omigadrive, Amanda Lepre, Travis Morgan, Adam Henry, Jameson Sutton, Mega Beardo, The Warring Triad, Bill Rahko, Kidd Cabbage, VikingGuitar, Julia Seeholzer, Mercurial, William Reyes, Alexander Brandon, Cory Johnson, John Weible, Super Guitar Bros, Tim Yarbrough, Jen Rose, Ryan Davies, Stemage, Nick Doane, Chris Dlugosz, The World Is Square, Careless Gorodetsky, housethegrate, Lobos, Hat, Prince of Darkness, Demonstray, Derris-Kharlan
Performer / Dr. Manhattan, Bruce Bonebrake II, norg, Jen Rose and the Jentlemen (Omigadrive, Barry Edward Bellomy, Dustin Garcia, Robert Cammack, Jen Rose), finbeard, Mateo John Marshall, Travis Morgan, Adam Henry, Descendants of Erdrick (Amanda Lepre, Jim Watson, Brad Macchioni, Jay Davis), Ben Triech, Jameson Sutton, Aron Goodrum, Izzy de Leon, Ruben Balboa, Josh Weber, Rudy Castro, Moises Castro, Mega Beardo, The Warring Triad (Josh Edginton, Nick Doane, Dave Reardon, Joe Corbett), Amanda Lepre, Death Itself (Adam Henry, Bill Rahko, Travis Morgan, Wyatt Banks), Kidd Cabbage, Kevin Lawrence, VikingGuitar, Tim Lydon, Stemage, Mercurial, Josh Czoski, Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron, Phil Mius, Vivianne Ducharme, Cheryl Hohrein, Nick Doane, Mana Philharmonic (Vanessa Young, Amanda Lepre, Julia Seeholzer, Bill Rahko, Travis Morgan, Josh Czoski, Lauren Liebowitz, Sidney Hopson, Dan Ryan), The Second Story (Jen Rose, Kayl Bristol, Justin Olejnik, Kenny Reichelderfer, Jameson Sutton), William Reyes, Cory Johnson, WARK! (Chunkstyle, Kevin Lawrence, Jeff Ball, Amanda Lepre), Julia Seeholzer, Super Guitar Bros, Tim Yarbrough, Lauren Liebowitz, Jen Rose, John Weible, Ryan Davies, James Moats, The Nate Horsfall Experience (Omigadrive, Cory Johnson, Mercurial, Stemage), Chris Dlugosz, Ron Kinard, The World Is Square (Nick Doane, Josh Edginton, Lauren Michelle Christerson, Dave Reardon, Joe Corbett), Careless Gorodetsky, Mike Treanor, housethegrate, Lobos, Hat, The World Warriors (finbeard, Kevin Lawrence, Bill Rahko, Travis Morgan, VikingGuitar, Stemage, Hugo Vinícius da Silva, Careless Gorodetsky, Lauren Liebowitz, Nick Doane, Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron, Ken Huffman), Omigadrive, Prince of Darkness, David Trammell, FoxxDragon, Demonstray, Ailsean, Snappleman, Dan Taylor, Wild Cat
Mixing Engineer / ROCKtendo


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 The Rabbit Hole 5:58
02 Give Time Its Proper Love 4:22
03 Like a Boss 5:07
04 Atop a Dragon White 4:08
05 Monarch on the Shore 4:47
06 Stainless Steel and Snare 5:12
07 Star of Darkness 5:20
08 The Great Sprite Hope 4:50
09 Wrath of the Beast 2:22
10 Arid Sands 5:27
11 Pandora's Box 4:00
12 This Song Got Me Pregnant 3:48
13 Cursed 2:18
14 The Oracle 7:06
15 Sword from Stone 11:06
Disc length 75:51
Disc 2 Arrangement

01 In the Dead of Night 4:05
02 Seed 4:47
03 Teal and Silent 4:30
04 Tale of the Curious Stranger 4:10
05 Together Always 4:17
06 A Storm is Coming 3:25
07 Fond Memories 3:09
08 Echoes of the Exiled 3:35
09 Voyage 3:11
10 The Summer Sky is Blue 2:45
11 Forest Lesson 3:08
12 Spirit of the Night 3:26
13 Aurora Borealis 4:47
14 Village of Silent Roses 2:42
15 Farewell to Jinx 2:48
16 Beginning of the End 5:43
17 Solum 7:17
18 Holy Intruder 4:49
19 No Trace Ever Found 1:05
Disc length 73:39
Disc 3 Arrangement

02 Steampunk Funk 3:23
03 Assault on the Witch's Castle 6:14
04 You Gotta Fight for Your Sprite to Party 1:59
05 Girl, You Got a Nice Beard 1:43
06 Hear the Whispers of Gaia 5:16
07 On the Wings of Dragons 4:52
08 A Bell is Tolling 5:57
09 The Wind Never Ceases 2:28
10 At Least You Got 'Em 2:21
11 Mushroom Kingdom 6:04
12 Meridian Rush (Parts I, II, & III) 12:00
13 Survivors of the Storm 5:40
14 Epilogue 17:40
Disc length 77:24

  Total tracks 48   Total length 3:46:54


Available also as a free download of either MP3 in 320kbps or VBR, as well as lossless (FLAC).

Mastering: Hugo Silva (disc 1), Grant Henry (disc 2), Bill Rahko (disc 3)

- Track information -

1.01. The Rabbit Hole

  Source: The Legend
  Arranger(s): Dr. Manhattan
  Performer(s): Dr. Manhattan

  Nate's Notes: Manhattan was one of the first people to finish his song. I think it might even be the first song I ever got for the whole album. Originally the release date before this became insane... was LAST August. he nailed it.

1.02. Give Time Its Proper Love

  Source: Leave Time for Love
  Arranger(s): Ailsean
  Performer(s): Bruce Bonebrake II (drums)

  Nate's Notes: Ailsean, conversely, was one of the last people [to submit a track]. I actually did message him when we started, but he was busy at the time. After things got extended, he jumped back on, knocked this out in no time, then got his friend Bruce to provide kick ass drums.

1.03. Like a Boss

  Source: Danger
  Arranger(s): norg
  Performer(s): norg

  Nate's Notes: This was a song I pretty much demanded norg do. If he passed on it, I have no idea who else I would have found. This song was MADE for him. Though apparently Mega Beardo wants to try it sometime!

1.04. Atop a Dragon White

  Source: Prophecy
  Arranger(s): Omigadrive

  Performance credits:
    Jen Rose and the Jentlemen:
      Omigadrive (lead guitar)
      Barry Edward Bellomy (bass)
      Dustin Garcia (guitar)
      Robert Cammack (drums)
      Jen Rose (keys)

  Additional personnel: ROCKTendo (mixing)

  Nate's Notes: Omigadrive's first track, despite the title. Glenn arranged it and had his live band perform it, but they eventually broke up. Such an interesting take on this song. Grab your dance partner!

1.05. Monarch on the Shore

  Source: Monarch on the Shore
  Arranger(s): Amanda Lepre
  Performer(s): finbeard (drums), Mateo John Marshall (keys)

  Nate's Notes: Amanda's first track as well. This went through a lot of stages. But she got Big Mat on it and Chuck simpson for marching drums, which pulled it all together.

1.06. Stainless Steel and Snare

  Source: Steel and Snare
  Arranger(s): Travis Morgan & Adam Henry
  Performer(s): Travis Morgan (bass, guitar), Adam Henry (drums)

  Nate's Notes: Travis' first track! This was actually the only one I expected him to take (joke's on me, he took like 12 others). But with nothing but drum and bass it was easy to point him and Adam towards it. Adam is a beast, travis is a Beats. And hey, now they even play together in VikingGuitar Live!

1.07. Star of Darkness

  Source: The Dark Star
  Arranger(s): Amanda Lepre & Jameson Sutton

  Performance credits:
    Descendants of Erdrick:
      Amanda Lepre (lead guitar)
      Jim Watson (drums, SFX)
      Brad Macchioni (rhythm guitar)
      Jay Davis (bass, bass pedals, synthesizer)

    Ben Triech (double bass)
    Jameson Sutton (keys, mixing)
    Aron Goodrum (assistant engineer, trumpet)
    Izzy de Leon (violin)
    Ruben Balboa (viola)
    Josh Weber (cello)
    Rudy Castro (french horn)
    Moises Castro (trombone)

  Additional personnel: Jason Gallardo (players booking)

  Nate's Notes: This track was too complex for it's own good. It features a full live rock band and then a dozen or so hired musicians Jameson got to record live at his school's studio. Jameson told me this track had something like 70 layers to it. Ambitious? Just a bit.

1.08. The Great Sprite Hope

  Source: One of Them Is Hope
  Arranger(s): Mega Beardo
  Performer(s): Mega Beardo (guitars, drums), Travis Morgan (bass)

  Nate's Notes: Thanks go out to Erik for recruiting Mega Beardo onto this album. Because otherwise, this would not exist. Ryan is incredibly good, and FAST. He knocked this out in no time, then got Travis to do bass. It felt effortless compared to everything else on this project.

1.09. Wrath of the Beast

  Source: Morning Is Here
  Arranger(s): The Warring Triad

  Performance credits:
    The Warring Triad:
      Josh Edginton (bass, guitar)
      Nick Doane (percussion)
      Dave Reardon (keys)
      Joe Corbett (keys, mixing)

  Nate's Notes: This is actually 3 of the Squares [The World is Square]. They tried their hand at some metal. It's a ridiculously intense 2 minutes.

1.10. Arid Sands

  Source: Secret of the Arid Sands
  Arranger(s): Amanda Lepre
  Performer(s): Amanda Lepre

  Nate's Notes: Amanda made this track after almost a year from the previous ones she had done, and improved her production quality to the point that it forced her to go back and revise the previous ones. This track is pure atmosphere. Close your eyes and feel the sand.

1.11 Pandora's Box

  Source: Ceremony
  Arranger(s): Bill Rahko

  Performance credits:
    Death Itself:
      Adam Henry (drums, bass, guitar, synthesizer)
      Bill Rahko (guitar, bass, svedka bottle, programming)
      Travis Morgan (guitar, programming)
      Wyatt Banks (didgeridoo)

  Nate's Notes: One of the weirdest yet most perfect tracks on the album. Bill (rocktendo) wanted to do pure spooky ambience, and travis provided some bass. But then they got Adam Henry on board who brought the doom metal. Can I just say the music books is the most perfect thing ever? Because it is.

1.12. This Song Got Me Pregnant

  Source: The Second Truth From the Left
  Arranger(s): Kidd Cabbage
  Performer(s): Kidd Cabbage

  Nate's Notes: Hahahahahahahahahaha... Listen. People are going to hate me for allowing this song to exist. But I just think it's hilarious. It wasn't what I was intending for this track, at all. But I have no regrets. Good work Jon, you nutcase.

1.13. Cursed

  Source: The Curse
  Arranger(s): Travis Morgan

  Nate's Notes: "The Curse" on the actual OST isn't even a song! But travis insisted on making it into the lead up for Thanatos... so here we are. Perfection.

1.14. The Oracle

  Source: The Oracle
  Arranger(s): Travis Morgan

  Performance credits:
    Travis Morgan (bass, guitar)
    Kevin Lawrence (drums)
    Amanda Lepre (death (grief) scream)

  Nate's Notes: This is absolutely one of the greatest takes of this song to exist. He captured Thanatos and the epic battle that ensues, perfectly. And then Kevin Lawrence from Metroid Metal did what he does best. What more can you ask for?

1.15. Sword From Stone

  Source: Fear of the Heavens
  Arranger(s): VikingGuitar

  Performance credits:
    VikingGuitar (guitar, bass, drums programming)
    Tim Lydon (guitar solo 1)
    Stemage (guitar solo 2)

  Nate's Notes: Erik kept giving me versions of this, longer and longer. "7 minutes, not done yet". I just laughed and said "okay!" As Grant puts it: this is the shortest longest song. When it's over you'll wonder how it was actually 11 minutes. Oh yeah and THOSE SOLOS, MAN!

2.01. 歴史は繰り返す (In the Dead of Night)

  Source: In the Dead of Night
  Arranger(s): Travis Morgan

  Performance credits:
    Mercurial (keys)
    Josh Czoski (violin)
    Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron (percussion)
    Phil Mius (cello)
    Vivianne Ducharme (choir)
    Cheryl Norfair (choir)
    Nick Doane (djembe)

  Additional personnel: Kana Baker Gurvitz (translation)

  Nate's Notes: When Travis chose this I was both surprised and not. It's very bass-y, so that makes sense. But what else is there? Plenty, when you give it to him, apparently. He recruited a ton of amazing musicians to make this happen, and said of all the tracks, this one turned out exactly how he pictured it.

2.02. Seed

  Source: Whisper and Mantra
  Arranger(s): Bill Rahko & Julia Seeholzer

  Performance credits:
    Mana Philharmonic:
      Vanessa Young (harp)
      Amanda Lepre (vocals)
      Julia Seeholzer (vocals)
      Bill Rahko (vocals, programming)
      Travis Morgan (vocals)
      Josh Czoski (violin)
      Lauren Liebowitz (flute)
      Sidney Hopson (percussion)
      Dan Ryan (percussion)

  Nate's Notes: Rocktendo is all over this album, but you wouldn't know because his tracks have these fake band names like "Mana Philharmonic" and "Death Itself" etc. Why? because he put TONS of people on his songs. 12 people worked on this to make it be the most angelic thing ever.

2.03. Teal and Silent

  Source: Eternal Recurrence
  Arranger(s): Mercurial
  Performer(s): Mercurial

  Nate's Notes: After working on Harmony of a Hunter and discovering Mercury Adept (Now "Mercurial"), I knew I had to have him for Mana. And he delivered in spades. Try not to cry listening to this.

2.04. Tale of the Curious Stranger

  Source: A Curious Tale
  Arranger(s): Jameson Sutton

  Performance credits:
    The Second Story:
      Jen Rose (guitar)
      Kaylei Bristol (flute)
      Justin Olejnik (drums)
      Kenny Reichelderfer (accordion, bass)
      Jameson Sutton (keyboard)

    Nick Doane (castanets)

  Additional personnel: Stemage (mixing)

  Nate's Notes: This is the debut track from band: The Second Story! The members have since changed a bit, but they should be some to watch for! love the overall feel of this track.

2.05. Together Always

  Source: Together Always
  Arranger(s): William Reyes
  Performer(s): William Reyes

  Nate's Notes: Will from the One Ups. How the hell did I get him? Erik suggested I hit up Tim from the One Ups (Also a WTF moment), and Will wanted to jump on too. He never showed me a WIP, just delivered a final. He said "Don't worry, I don't like to disappoint" when asking about WIPs. Nope. You sure didn't, Will.

2.06. A Storm Is Coming

  Source: Distant Thunder
  Arranger(s): Alexander Brandon
  Performer(s): Lauren Liebowitz (flute)

  Nate's Notes: Alexander Brandon is maybe the biggest WTF moment. Jameson is interning for him, and I casually suggested he tell Alex about the album just, you know, to see what he thinks. Turns out he LOVES Secret of Mana, and even claimed to have a video of him playing it with a friend from like 20 years ago. Having him on board was enough of a dream. His track is a surreal experience and unsurprisingly is incredible.

2.07. Fond Memories

  Source: Fond Memories
  Arranger(s): Cory Johnson

  Nate's Notes: I found Cory because of his incredible Zelda album. I was listening to it and just going "I HAVE to ask this guy on Mana..." With great nervousness you get from trying to contact a rock star, I sent him a message. He was Down. Whoa! Then he wanted 2 tracks, sweet. But then as the project went on he took more and more. This was one of those. It's bliss.

2.08. Echoes of the Exiled

  Source: I Won't Forget
  Arranger(s): John Weible

  Performance credits:
      Chunkstyle (bass, drum engineering)
      Kevin Lawrence (drums)
      Jeff Ball (violin)
      Amanda Lepre (acoustic guitar)

  Additional personnel: John Weible (mixing)

  Nate's Notes: WARK is: John Weible, Chunkstyle, Kevin Lawrence, Jeff Ball, Amanda Lepre. Why did he call it WARK? Because he's a silly guy. That John Weible. This went through probably 10 different changes. Even including something like DeadMou5. Seriously.

2.09. Voyage

  Source: Did You See the Ocean?
  Arranger(s): Julia Seeholzer
  Performer(s): Julia Seeholzer

  Nate's Notes: Julia tells me she wants to make this song (which originally is more like a NIN remix of into the thick of it) into a Piano ballad. I'm like... Okay? I don't see how but, okay. And yup! She did it!

2.10. The Summer Sky Is Blue

  Source: The Color of the Summer Sky
  Arranger(s): Super Guitar Bros.
  Performer(s): Super Guitar Bros.

  Nate's Notes: Super Guitar Bros are the perfect people for this song. There isn't much more you can say than that!

2.11. Forest Lesson

  Source: What the Forest Taught Me
  Arranger(s): Tim Yarbrough
  Performer(s): Tim Yarbrough

  Nate's Notes: So here is Tim from the One Ups. It's still surreal I got him on this album, and all I had to do is ask. Isn't it something when people you treat like VGM legends, are just normal people who LOVE game music? His version of the upperlands is spot on.

2.12. Spirit of the Night

  Source: Spirit of the Night
  Arranger(s): Cory Johnson
  Performer(s): Cory Johnson, Josh Czoski (violin)

  Nate's Notes: Another Cory track, another track dropped by someone else and recovered by him! He pulled on Josh Czoski to add sweet sweet violins so you bawl.

2.13. Aurora Borealis

  Source: A Wish
  Arranger(s): VikingGuitar
  Performer(s): VikingGuitar, Lauren Liebowitz (flute)

  Nate's Notes: When people think of "VikingGuitar", they don't think of this, but Erik isn't ALL about metal, despite what he says ;) Pulling Lauren Liebowitz on for flute just elevates this to a stand out performance from everyone. Close your eyes and drift into snow.

2.14. Village of Silent Roses

  Source: Phantom and a Rose
  Arranger(s): Super Guitar Bros.
  Performer(s): Super Guitar Bros.

  Nate's Notes: Another perfect one for the bros. They put a unique spin on it halfway in. Spoilers.

2.15. Farewell to Jinx

  Source: Now Flightless Wings
  Arranger(s): Jen Rose
  Performer(s): Jen Rose

  Nate's Notes: Jen has a very special attachment to this game, and this song is kind of like saying goodbye, so it's an emotional piece for her. Great job, Jen!

2.16. Beginning of the End

  Source: A Conclusion
  Arranger(s): John Weible, Ryan Davies

  Performance credits:
    John Weible (keys, percussion)
    Ryan Davies (guitar, mixing)
    Stemage (vocals)
    James Moats (vocals)

  Nate's Notes: A complicated song! At some point John got the idea to pull in James Moats from yes Mayhem, which was a a neat bonus. Then Grant jumped in too! And Ryan Davis... all the way in the UK, did all the electric jams.

2.17 Solum

  Source: Still of the Night
  Arranger(s): Omigadrive

  Performance credits:
    The Nate Horsfall Experience:
      Omigadrive (lead guitar, synths)
      Cory Johnson (intro, bass, clean guitar, mixing)
      Mercurial (piano)
      Stemage (rhythm guitar, guitar solo)

  Nate's Notes: I didn't name this band, just so everyone knows. The Culprits are: Omigadrive, Stemage, Cory Johnson and Mercurial. This track was originally dropped, and these guys picked it up and finished it from SCRATCH in like 2-3 days. What the hell.

2.18. Holy Intruder

  Source: Mystic Invasion
  Arranger(s): Stemage, Travis Morgan

  Performance credits:
    Stemage (guitars, drum programming)
    Amanda Lepre (acoustic guitar)
    Travis Morgan (percussion, keys, synths)
    Josh Czoski (violin)
    Lauren Liebowitz (flute)

  Nate's Notes: Stemage is the best, Travis is the best, Amanda is the best, Josh Czoski is the best, and Lauren is best. So what do you get with all that? the bets, obviously.

2.19. No Trace Ever Found

  Source: I Closed My Eyes
  Arranger(s): Nick Doane
  Additional personnel: Stemage (mixing)

  Nate's Notes: This is how you close out the Peace disc. There is no other way.


  Source: Menu Music
  Arranger(s): Stemage, Chris Dlugosz
  Performer(s): Stemage (guitars, drums), Chris Dlugosz (keys)

  Nate's Notes: I jokingly pitched this not-a-song to grant and he of course went for it. And then he got Chris from Armcannon to add extra silliness. Grant calls this track Musical Masterbation, but you know, we can't print that.

3.02. Steampunk Funk

  Source: A Curious Happening
  Arranger(s): Dr. Manhattan
  Performer(s): Dr. Manhattan

  Nate's Notes: Manhattan's second track is just as incredible as the first. Keep in mind this guy has NOT played the game! It must be a testament to Kikuta to capture the visual feel where this song is first heard. That or Manhattan is all knowing. Oh, so it's not just a nickname.........

3.03. Assault on the Witch's Castle

  Source: Into the Thick of It
  Arranger(s): Jameson Sutton

  Performance credits:
    Jameson Sutton (piano, mixing)
    Ron Kinard (bass)
    Stemage (rhythm guitar, Psycho Boss Battle section)
    Amanda Lepre (acoustic guitar, cameo solo)
    Lauren Liebowitz (flute)
    Izzy de Leon (violin)
    Ruben Balboa (viola)
    Josh Weber (cello)
    Rudy Castro (french horn)
    Moises Castro (trombone)
    Aron Goodrum (trumpet on Dark Star, assistant engineer)
    Ben Triech (double bass)

  Additional personnel: Jason Gallardo (player booking assistance)

  Nate's Notes: This track is a journey from the forets to the castle, to a boss fight to out again. A journey with 12 people on it! Almost entirely performed live. Listen carefully to the wind chimes, Mana fans.

3.04. You Gotta Fight For Your Sprite to Party

  Source: The Little Sprite
  Arranger(s): The World Is Square

  Performance credits:
    The World Is Square:
      Nick Doane (keyboard, percussion, glockenspiel)
      Josh Edginton (guitar, bass, percussion, synth)
      Lauren Michelle Christerson (guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass)
      Dave Reardon (bass, synth, percussion, glockenspiel)
      Joe Corbett (keyboard, bass, percussion)

    Lauren Liebowitz (flute)

  Nate's Notes: How can you make a Squaresoft album without the Squares? you can't. And then they recruited Lauren because why WOULDN'T you? Their intro is genius.

3.05. Girl, You Got a Nice Beard

  Source: It Happened Late One Evening
  Arranger(s): Careless Gorodetsky

  Performance credits:
    Careless Gorodetsky (accordion)
    Travis Morgan (drunken vocals)
    Mike Treanor (sitar, drunken vocals)
    Nick Doane (drink percussion, drunken vocals)

  Additional personnel: Audience at Random Encounter live show (singing along)

  Nate's Notes: The dwarf song was the hardest one to assign, but then I met careless and he said it was his favorite song in the game. It was fate. He even recruited a live audience form an RE show to chant on this in addition to drunken Travis and even live Sitar from Mike Treanor! Are you ready for a party yet?

3.06. Hear the Whispers of Gaia

  Source: Distant Thunder
  Arranger(s): housethegrate
  Performer(s): housethegrate
  Additional personnel: Chris Dlugosz (keyboard sound font replacement)

  Nate's Notes: House was a #1 for this album because I knew he loved the game. If you love House, you won't be disappointed.

3.07. On the Wings of Dragons

  Source: Flight Into the Unknown
  Arranger(s): Lobos, Travis Morgan
  Performer(s): Lobos
  Additional personnel: Stemage (mixing)

  Nate's Notes: Lobos is a fan of the game, so he was an easy pick! He hit a snag trying to arrange, and Travis (because he's on everything) gave him a hand with ideas. It was just what he needed, and examplified the "multiplayer" part of why this album works.

3.08. A Bell Is Tolling

  Source: A Bell Is Tolling
  Arranger(s): Cory Johnson
  Performer(s): Cory Johnson

  Nate's Notes: This and the track following it, were the two Cory originally chose. He knocked these out so well and so early that he had time to help with damn near everything else! These are pure Cory Johnson.

3.09. The Wind Never Ceases

  Source: The Wind Never Ceases
  Arranger(s): Cory Johnson
  Performer(s): Cory Johnson

3.10. At Least You Got 'Em

  Source: Now Flightless Wings
  Arranger(s): Hat
  Performer(s): Hat

  Nate's Notes: Hat got married in India of all places, while working on this song. I really thought he was going to skip out on it, but nope.. he came back, and delivered!

3.11. Mushroom Kingdom

  Source: Dancing Animals
  Arranger(s): Bill Rahko & Travis Morgan

  Performance credits:
    The World Warriors:
      finbeard (drums)
      Kevin Lawrence (drums)
      Bill Rahko (bass, percussion)
      Travis Morgan (guitar, percussion)
      VikingGuitar (guitar solos)
      Stemage (guitar solos)
      Dr. Manhattan (guitar solos)
      Careless Gorodetsky (violin)
      Lauren Liebowitz (flute)
      Nick Doane (percussion)
      Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron (percussion)
      Ken Huffman (percussion)

  Nate's Notes: Pure Party. I love this song to death.

3.12. Meridian Rush (Parts I, II & III)

  Source: Meridian Dance
  Arranger(s): Omigadrive, Prince of Darkness

  Performance credits:
    Omigadrive (programming, electric guitar)
    Prince of Darkness (programming, mixing, electric guitar, seven-string guitar)
    Rize (electric guitar)
    Cory Johnson (bass)
    Amanda Lepre (acoustic guitar)
    Mercurial (piano)
    Kevin Lawrence (drums)
    FoxxDragon (???)
    Dr. Manhattan (guitar solo)
    Demonstray (synth solo)
    Lobos (guitar solo)
    Josh Cszoki (violin)
    Nick Doane (glockenspiel)
    VikingGuitar (guitar solo)
    norg (synth solo)
    Tim Lydon (lead guitar)
    Mega Beardo (seven-string guitar)
    Careless Gorodetsky (accordion)
    Stemage (guitar solo)
    Ailsean (guitar solo)
    Snappleman (guitar solo)
    Dan Taylor (bass solo)
    Adam Henry (bass solo)
    Travis Morgan (bass solo)

  Solo breakdown:

    Intro - 0:00 - 0:48 FoxxDragon

    Guitar Solo - 1:25 - 1:53 Dr. Manhattan
    Synth Solo - 1:53 - 1:59 Demonstray
    Guitar Solo - 1:59 - 2:06 Lobos
    Synth Solo - 2:06 - 2:13 Demonstray
    Guitar Solo - 2:13 - 2:20 Prince of Darkness

    Violin - 2:20 onwards - Josh Cszoki
    Glockenspiel - 3:01 onwards - Nick Doane

    Guitar Solo - 3:01 - 3:14 VikingGuitar
    Guitar Solo - 3:14 - 3:26 Rize
    Synth Solo - 3:59 - 4:17 norg
    Guitar Lead - 4:17 - 4:36 - Tim Lydon

    7 Strings - 4:36 onwards - Mega Beardo, Prince of Darkness
    Accordian - 4:42 onwards - Careless Gorodetsky

    Guitar Solo - 6:36 - 6:49 - Omigadrive
    Guitar Solo - 6:49 - 7:03 - Stemage
    Guitar Solo - 7:37 - 7:51 - Ailsean
    Guitar Solo - 8:18 - 8:46 - Snappleman

    Drum/Bass solo 1 - 10:31 - 10:33 Kevin Lawrence/Dan Taylor
    Drum/Bass solo 2 - 10:33 - 10:36 Adam Henry/Travis Morgan
    Drum/Bass solo 3 - 10:36 - 10:39 Kevin Lawrence/Dan Taylor
    Drum/Bass solo 4 - 10:39 - 10:42 Adam Henry/Travis Morgan

    Harmonised guitar solo at 10:52 Omigadrive and Rize

3.13. Survivors of the Storm

  Source: Calm Before the Storm
  Arranger(s): Demonstray

  Performance credits:
    Demonstray (synths)
    Kevin Lawrence (drums)
    Lauren Liebowitz (flute)
    Wild Cat (bass)
    Stemage (guest guitar solo)
    VikingGuitar (guest guitar solo)

  Nate's Notes: Originally Meridian Rush was the ending track, but the Demonstray made this and... What can you do? You have to put it as the grand Celebration!

3.14. Epilogue

  Source: Mana Medley
  Arranger(s): Derris-Kharlan

  Nate's Notes: Whats that? one more? SURPRISE. Derris Kharlan did this for payment of me doing his business cards. Art for Music! I like that transaction. He made this song long that it changed what songs actually made it on this disc. But It's not like I was going to tell him to restrict himself! You let that dude go wild. 95% of the people on this album didn't even know this exists. It's my present to you guys. Thanks for making it to the end. <3

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