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Platypus Original Soundtrack Album REMASTERED

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 12, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations High Technology Publishing Limited
Composer /
Arranger / Tonka, Chris Abbott, Tomas Danko, Alistair Bowness, Darren Izzard, Fabian Del Priore


Disc 1

01 Gareth "Tonka" Dolloway Title Theme (Wizball 2000) 7:06
02 Chris Abbott Options Theme (Flash Gordon) 6:24
03 Chris Abbott Level Select (Shadowfire) 2:06
04 Tomas Danko Level 1 (Comic Bakery) 6:06
05 Chris Abbott Level 2 (Sanxion 2001) 5:22
06 Alistair Bowness Level 3 (Ocean Loader) 3:45
07 Chris Abbott Level 3 Alternate (Wizball) 3:48
08 Darren Izzard Level 4 (Driller) 8:33
09 Chris Abbott Baddie Tune 1 (Trap, Pt. 2) 5:40
10 Fabian Del Priore Baddie Tune 2 (Armalyte) 2:23
11 Chris Abbott Baddie Tune 2 Alternate (Mutants) 3:57
12 Chris Abbott High Score Tune (Delta Victory) 2:08
Disc length 57:18


The full-length remastered original soundtrack from the cult Claymation shoot-em-up game "Platypus", originally for PC, PSP and XBox 360. Amazing electronic tracks, invoking the 8-bit computers of old. "Platypus" Graphics (c) GMJ Licensing Ltd.

- Album description

Back in the mists of time, there were legendary Commodore 64 composers such as Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, Jonathan Dunn, Matt Gray, Fred Gray, and more. They somehow crammed masterpieces into three voices.

10 years after their heyday, fans who loved the music in their youth began to pay tribute to it by remixing it. Eventually, there was an official album: "Back in Time". It was a success, so more followed.

5 years after that, the remixes themselves have become retro enough, and treasured by various video game industry types and general retro fans. There are concerts and nightclub events such as "Back in Time Live".

So, Idigicon (in the zen form of George Bray) came looking for some retro goodness for their new Claymation shoot 'em up by Anthony Flack called "Platypus". To plunder classic CD tracks was the mission: giving a double retro fix to a new generation!

Anyway, we were delighted to oblige and have great fun matching tracks up to levels, having a quite chuckle that a whole new legion of youngsters would be enjoying this music on its own merits and having their own goosepimple moments. I mean, how many other games give you a 7 minutes orchestral opus just for the options screen? Because the music already existed, it meant we could just stuff top-quality music into the game as if there was no tomorrow.

The game was released for download on the PC with short versions of the tunes (this album has the complete versions taken direct from the original masters, except "Sanxion 2001" which is as good as we can get it since it was never released on CD). The CD version had full-length tracks.

The track listing was slightly changed for the Playstation PSP version of the game: the original Level 3 music and the original Baddie music were replaced, but can now be restored for digital release along with the PSP/XBox tracks.

Unfortunately these tracks did not make it to the iPhone version of the game, more's the pity.

Later on, we also contributed other tracks to the other claymation games such as Platypus II and Nux (OSTs coming soon!)

Artists featured on this include Gareth "Tonka" Dolloway, Chris Abbott, Alistair "Boz" Bowness, Puffy64, Tomas Danko and Darren Izzard. Composers featured include Martin Galway (Title tune, Level 1, Level 3 PSP), Rob Hubbard (Level 2, High Score, Options), Matt Gray (Level 4), Fred Gray (Level Select, Baddie tune II PSP), Ben Daglish (Baddie tune 1) and Jon Dunn (Level 3 PC).

Thanks to Steve for helping out with the cover art!

- Album notes

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