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Catalog Number MYB1013
Barcode 888174575377
Release Date Feb 07, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Live Event
LabelVideo Games Live / /
PublisherMystical Stone Entertainment, LLC / /



Disc 1 Arrangement, Live Event

01 Final Fantasy VIII - "Liberi Fatali" 3:10
02 Chrono Cross - "Scars of Time" 2:31
03 Skyrim - "Dragonborn Theme" 3:54
04 Tetris Opera 3:05
05 Zelda 25th Anniversary Overture 5:34
06 World of Warcraft - "Invincible" 3:12
07 The Secret of Monkey Island 2:57
08 Beyond Good & Evil 3:30
09 Pokémon 4:15
10 Silent Hill 2 - "Theme of Laura" 3:52
11 Journey 3:52
12 Dota 2 3:56
13 Shadow of the Colossus 3:03
14 Street Fighter II 4:10
15 Still Alive (Live!) [feat Laura Intravia & Tommy Tallarico] 4:35
Disc length 55:36



01 Final Fantasy® VIII - "Liberi Fatali"
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

02 Chrono Cross™ - "Scars of Time"
Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

03 Skyrim™ - "Dragonborn Theme"
Composed by Jeremy Soule

04 Tetris® Opera
Based on the poem "korobeiniki" by Nikolay Nekrasov
Arranged by Greg Cox, Arrangement provided by the Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland

05 Zelda™ 25th Anniversary Overture
Composed by Koji Kondo, Arranged by Laura Intravia

06 World of Warcraft® - "Invincible"
Composed by Russell Brower & Jason Hayes
Lyrics: Neal Acree & Derek Duke

07 The Secret of Monkey Island®
Composed by Michael Land

08 Beyond Good & Evil™
Composed by Christophe Héral, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

09 Pokémon®
Composed by Junichi Masuda, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

10 Silent Hill™ 2 - "Theme of Laura"
Composed by Akira Yamaoka

11 Journey™
Composed by Austin Wintory, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

12 Dota™ 2
Composed by Tim Larkin & Jason Hayes, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico & Tim Larkin

13 Shadow of the Colossus®
Composed by Kow Otani, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

14 Street Fighter II ™
Composed by Yoko Shimomura & Isao Abe, Arranged by Tommy Tallarico

15 Still Alive (Live!) [feat Laura Intravia & Tommy Tallarico]
Composed by Jonathan Coulton, Performed by Laura Intravia & Tommy Tallarico


Executive Producer - Tommy Tallarico

Mixed at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California
Mixing Engineer: Leslie Ann Jones & Dann Thompson
Assistant Engineer: Andre Zweers
Music Editing & Additional Engineering: Matt Yelton (Athens, GA)

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus
Conducted by Emmanuel Fratianni
Concert Master: Lucie Svehlova
Choir Master: Miriam Nemcova
Recorded at Smecky Music Studios, Prague
Recording Engineer: Jan Holzner
Assistant Engineers: Michael Hradisky and Vitek Kral
Orchestral Music Direction: Emmanuel Fratianni
Score Recording Producer: Laurie Robinson
Orchestra Contracting/Session Supervision: James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music
Translator: Stanja Vomackova
Music Preparation: deRoché Music, Inc.

Guitars: Tommy Tallarico, Akira Yamaoka, Chris Kline - vertexguy, Peter McConnell
Vocal Soloists: Laura Intravia, Jillian Aversa
Additional Percussion: Wayne Strange, Irwin (, Vincent Gillioz, Chris Kline - vertexguy
Bass: Clint Bajakian, Chris Kline - vertexguy
Keyboards (Monkey Island): Michael Land
Flute Soloist: Laura Intravia
Saxophone: Norihiko Hibino
Cello: Tina Guo

"Still Alive (Live!)" recorded on September 28, 2013 in Santiago, Chile

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