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Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Arrangements & Variations

Catalog Number SMRC-1002
Release Date Feb 17, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherScarlet Moon Records / /


Composer / Nauts
Arranger / Nauts, Joshua Morse, Dale North, GENTLE LOVE (Norihiko Hibino / , AYAKI)
Performer / Hyerim Ryu, GENTLE LOVE (Norihiko Hibino / , Ayaki Saito / )
Mixing Engineer / Nauts
Mastering Engineer / Mustin


Disc 1

01 Humble Town (Peaceful Macdallena) 2:57
02 Peaceful Macdallena (Strings Version) 3:16
03 Peaceful Macdallena (Guitar Version) 3:16
04 Peaceful Macdallena (Piano Version) 3:18
05 Glorious Capital, Nineveh (Harpsichord Version) 2:56
06 Glorious Capital, Nineveh (Piano Version) 2:58
07 Flurry of Blades (Alternate Version) 3:15
08 Forest Void (Wandering Woods) (Joshua Morse) 3:53
09 Gentle Oblivion (Lake of Oblivion) (Norihiko Hibino & AYAKI) 6:22
10 The Merry Village (Seaside Village) (Dale North) 3:25
11 Seaside Village (Alternate Village) 2:35
12 Show Your Might! (Alternate Version) 2:31
13 Forgotten Archduchess (Vocal Version) [feat. Hyerim Ryu] 4:27
14 Will of the People (Alternate Version) 3:08
15 Alpha Version Trailer (Bonus) 2:00
Disc length 50:17



Also available in digital format.

All Music Composed, Arranged and Mixed by Goomin Nam (Nauts, Corners Groove)

Music Produced by Goomin Nam and Jae-won Shin (Maius Games)

Except Arranged by
Joshua Morse (08)
GENTLE LOVE (Norihiko Hibino & AYAKI) (09)
Dale North (10)

“Forgotten Archduchess (Vocal Version)”
Vocals: Hyerim Ryu
Recording Studio: Corners Groove Studio

Mastering Engineer: Mustin for Mustin Enterprises, LLC

Cover Illustration: Young-June Choi

Packaging Art Director: Connary Fagen

Executive Producer: Jayson Napolitano

Special Thanks: E.Q.P., SPIKE, TELLEMENT, Chang-ho Choi, Junyoung Ahn, Taek-Sung Song (Corners Studio) and Jeron Moore

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