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Scarlet Moon Records

since Dec 3, 2013
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United States
Jayson Napolitano
Scarlet Moon Records has been releasing original game soundtracks and unique arrangement albums since 2013. They're best known for their flagship album series, Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, and the soundtracks to Indivisible, Wizard of Legend, and more.






SMRC-1066Prescription for Sleep: Attack on Titan Publisher, CopyrightApr 04, 2022
SMRC-1065Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume VI PublisherNov 24, 2021
SMRC-1064Evil Tonight ORIGINAL GAME SOUNDTRACK Publisher, CopyrightOct 07, 2021
SMRC-1061Alchemic Cutie Original Game Soundtrack PublisherSep 22, 2021
SMRC-1063Dreamscaper (The Complete Soundtrack) Publisher, CopyrightJul 29, 2021
SMRC-1050Prescription for Sleep: Stardew Valley PublisherMay 19, 2021
SMRC-1058Marble Knights Original Game Soundtrack PublisherMar 15, 2021
SMRC-1057Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume V PublisherNov 27, 2020
SMRC-1055Ray's the Dead Original Game Soundtrack PublisherOct 22, 2020
SMRC-1039Saturday Morning RPG 2 Original Game Soundtrack PublisherSep 29, 2020
SMRC-1052Dreamscaper Original Soundtrack PublisherAug 19, 2020
SMRC-1046Horizon Vanguard Original Game Soundtrack PublisherJun 26, 2020
SMRC-1048WIZARD OF LEGEND The Complete Soundtrack and Piano Collections Limited Edition Box Set PublisherJun 12, 2020
SMRC-1037Prescription for Sleep: Wizard of Legend PublisherMay 15, 2020
SMRC-1044Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack PLUS PublisherApr 21, 2020
SMRC-1049XYLITH Original Game Soundtrack PublisherMar 07, 2020
SMRC-1047WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Complete Soundtrack) PublisherJan 17, 2020
SMRC-1036Piano Collections WIZARD OF LEGEND PublisherJan 17, 2020
SMRC-1038Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight PublisherDec 06, 2019
SMRC-1038-CDPrescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight PublisherDec 05, 2019
SMRC-1045Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume IV PublisherNov 26, 2019
SMRC-1043Child albumSparklite Original Game Soundtrack PublisherNov 07, 2019
SMRC-1041Indivisible Original Game Soundtrack PublisherOct 07, 2019
SMRC-1042The Long Return Original Game Soundtrack PublisherSep 25, 2019
SMRC-1040Vambrace: Cold Soul Original Game Soundtrack PublisherMay 28, 2019
SMRC-1018The World is Square PublisherFeb 14, 2019
SMRC-1034PERFECT SELECTION Dale North vol. one PublisherJan 17, 2019
SMRC-1018Child albumThe World is Square Publisher2019
SMRC-1029Child albumPrescription for Sleep: Celeste PublisherDec 2018
SMRC-1033Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume III PublisherNov 23, 2018
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