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Castle in the Sky Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number 9102434 (European printing of 32ATC-115)
Barcode 3700091024349
Release Date Nov 23, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Europe)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
PublisherWasabi Records / /

Disc 1

01 The Girl Who Fell From the Sky 2:28
02 Morning in the Slag Ravine 3:04
03 A Rowdy Brawl (- Pursuit) 4:28
04 Memories of Gondoa 2:47
05 Discouraged Pazu 1:47
06 Robot Soldier (Resurrection - Rescue) 2:34
07 Carrying You - Chorus Version 2:03
08 Sheeta's Decision 2:05
09 On The Tiger Moth 2:32
10 An Omen to Ruin 2:18
11 A Sea of Clouds in the Moonlight 2:33
12 Castle in the Sky 4:37
13 Destruction of Laputa 2:00
14 Carrying You 4:08
Disc length 39:24

Translated by reference


The present European edition is manufactured in European Union by KAZE S.A.S for Wasabi Records™.

Issued in a combination of sticking slipcase/digipak with special booklet and artwork, original released in 1986.

8-page, clasped booklet:
* 5 partial full-page color photos from the film
* Listing of the English-language tracks, in parentheses the Japanese designations
* English-language linernotes "Studio Diary"
* English and Japanese song lyrics to "Carrying You (Kimi wo nosete)"
* Credits to the soundtrack and to the film

The Compact Disc is manufactured in France, which can be derived from the information in the CD inner ring

Notes from Parent Album:
Sound Produce, Compose, Arranger & Performance by Joe Hisaishi
Chorus by Suginami Junior Chorus (Track 07, 13)

Lyrics by Hayao Miyazaki
Vocals by Azumi Inoue

Album Staff:
Executive Producers:  Mitsunori Miura and Akira Shimabokuro
Sound Produce/Compose/Arrange/Performance:  Joe Hisaishi
A & R Directors:  Yoshikazu Shoji and Takashi Watanabe
Recording Studios:  Wonder Station and Nikkatsu Studio Center
Engineers:  Masayoshi Okawa, Atsushi Kaji, Suminobu Hamada
Sound Operator:  Yasuko Fukuoka
Chorus:  Suginami Children's Choir
Ending Theme Song:  Azumi Inoue
Jacket Design:  Shiro Yuasa
Special Cooperation:  Toshio Suzuki

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