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Seven Songs for Seventh Saga

Catalog Number OCRI-0005
Release Date Mar 02, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Composer / Norihiko Yamanuki /
Arranger / Sebastian Freij
Performer / Sebastian Freij
Mastering Engineer / Wilbert Roget, II


Disc 1

01 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: I. Wind 2:03
02 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: II. Water 2:40
03 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: III. Star 2:50
04 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: IV. Sky 3:10
05 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: V. Moon 2:33
06 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: VI. Light 2:27
07 Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: VII. Wizard 2:17
Disc length 18:00



Seven Songs for Seventh Saga

• Sebastian Freij (AeroZ)

• Wilbert Roget, II (bustatunez)

• Tuana (

• Andrew Luers (OA) - digital painting
• David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) - cover

• Sebastian Freij (AeroZ) - compiling, editing, direction
• José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican) - additional edits
• David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) - additional direction

Executive Producers
• David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)
• Larry Oji (Liontamer)


Comments from creator Sebastian Freij (AeroZ)

My first contact with the game 7th Saga was a cold winter day. I think I was about 14 years old and was sick home from school. I borrowed it from a friend that said that this was a hard game that would keep me busy. His words were true. Too true, in matter of fact. Die, level up, try again, continue, die, level up, try again were the steps I remember. I think I got to the 5th rune or something… then I gave up. I got well from the sickness and tried easier games and forgot about The 7th Saga. A few years later, I found it again and thought I would give it another try, but failed to finish the game even this time.

One thing I do remember is the very cool melodies from the game that really got to me. Norihiko Yamanuki wrote the music and as far as I know, 7th Saga is the only game he's written music for. The question pops up in my head from time to time: Why did he stop? I think many of the tracks have a classical touch and very interesting harmonies.

Like many VGM fans, I'm very fond of music from RPG's like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Lufia and the list goes on... but for making a project as this, I wanted to choose something that hasn't been covered as much.

As I currently work as a substitute cello teacher, I wanted to create a video that could inspire you as a cellist or just a music lover as well by being able to follow the progression of the piece both visually and audibly. It's a video that you can watch over and over again and choose freely what part you want to focus on as a listener or a fellow cellist.

I've done a few prototypes of this kind of video before. "Sky" was made a little less than 2 years ago and posted on my YouTube channel:
The idea of adding sheet music synced to the BPM (beats per minute) came up and I made the first video with an arrangement for three cellos of some tunes from Secret of Mana. I didn't get as much response as I hoped, but I was still satisfied with the result and the core purpose of it:

My goal with this project:
• To inspire other musicians to play more video game music
• A tribute to the music of 7th Saga written by Norihiko Yamanuki
• A play along video solution
• Keep studying the musical possibilities with music written for three cellos

It's been a great journey to work on this project and I hope to do a similar project in the future! Big thanks to the OC ReMix crew for being supportive with helping out with art, homepage, and everything necessary to make it happen! (All the names that's been involved.)

- Sebastian Freij


1. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: I. Wind
Source: "Opening Title"

The intro for 7th Saga is for me a very calming tune that I like a lot. I wanted to try keeping the calmness and start a feeling of the beginning of a story. I only used the first part of the source and made some variations of this. Cello parts 1 & 2 keep "asking and answering" each other while part 3 keeps a steady pizzicato background through the track.

2. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: II. Water
Sources: "Inn," "Town D"

Here I start off with parts 1 & 2 playing unison to really get some power in the melody. They're strong and clear until they eventually split up and the 2nd part becomes a countermelody. I'm very happy with the Town part and I think it gives a good example of what power three cellos are capable of.

3. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: III. Star
Source: "Ticondera 1"

This track is an experiment to do a real-time delay effect in the 2nd and 3rd parts. The 2nd part keeps going as an engine and the 3rd supports it with some of the notes in the pattern, but falls off eventually to take the bass and rhythm role. I think this one would fit good in a movie scene when a hunt goes down or other high-paced stuff is happening. Future 7th Saga movie?

4. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: IV. Sky
Source: "Ticondera 4"

"Sky" is the heart of the album and was the track that made me do this album. I start off with my favorite interval: 1 octave + a minor third to support the melody. The second part of the piece is more of a personal take of the theme.

5. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: V. Moon
Sources: "Dungeon Clear," "Town A"

I've always been a fan of Béla Bartók and this melody in the beginning reminded me much of his music, so I did this as a tribute to him. I did a tempo shift in the middle to dramatize things and increase intensity.

6. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: VI. Light
Sources: "Town B," "Shop," "Town E"

I tried to get many of the small happy themes into one track and this is the result. The jester of the seven.

7. Seven Songs for Seventh Saga: VII. Wizard
Sources: "Town C," "Staff Roll," "Ending"

I wanted to end things with a dance in the cellos with some hints to the intro theme to complete the album. I wanted to get a solid goodbye feeling with the last bars.

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