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Catalog Number hlv00
Release Date Sep 01, 2005
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack


Composer / virt, hunz, epoq, Royal Sefton III, funkymuskrat, xerxes, Xavier Dang
Performer / hunz, Xavier Dang


Disc 1

01 the machine planet 7:39
02 draw the line 3:33
03 kinesics 5:55
04 you cannot close this wound 6:00
05 chip implant 4:05
06 cell progression 13:00
07 convalescence 8:33
Disc length 48:45




1. virt
2. hunz
3. epoq
4. royal sefton
5. funkymuskrat
6. xerxes
7. xavier dang - conceptual electronic music

[hlv00] "debut"

A collection of tracks from fellow hellvenites, giving a hint of what's to be expected.
Dive & Enjoy this.

hunz's words on "draw the line":
I sat down.  I hit a chord and started singing and this fell out.  I quickly moved over to my computer and put the base down and then did a rough adlib over the top.  I came back to it the next day and programmed all the clicky stuff over it and then fell inlove with all the adlib stuff and left it.  I was going to put words into it.  The only lyrics that appear are in the chorus "could you be to draw the line" and that's it.  This is my 1st scene release in ages, it uses buzz and cubase.

virt's quote for "the machine planet":
"many stories tell of humans' creations turning on them, but rarely does it end with machines wiping the planet completely clean and starting over, mechanizing the world with flawless precision. this is what i imagine it might look like, but not without echoes of the conflict that made it so."

xavier dang's words for "convalescence":
what an exhausting experience this was! i'm happy with the way this track sounds, but i wish i have had more time to record vocal harmonies and such. this was started the day before hellven relaunched, and finished minutes before the relaunch!

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