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Titanfall 2

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 28, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 11.49 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelEA Music / /
Phonographic CopyrightEA Music / /


Composer / Stephen Barton
Arranger / Stephen Barton, David Andrew Shipps, Kirk Bennett
Performer / The London Session Orchestra (Perry Montague-Mason), The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Peter Gregson, Richard Watkins, Leo Abrahams, Paul Clarvis, Frank Ricotti
Recording Engineer / Sam Okell, Graham Kennedy, Andrew Dudman
Recording Studio / Abbey Road Studios
Mixing Engineer / Malcolm Luker, Jonathan Allen, Alan Meyerson


Disc 1

01 BT-7274 5:39
02 Rifleman Cooper 2:41
03 Apex Predators 5:48
04 Link to Pilot 2:26
05 Blood and Rust 6:16
06 Triptych 5:22
07 Uphold the Mission 3:57
08 Substation 2:23
09 Effect and Cause 3:07
10 Anderson's Mission 4:31
11 Fold Weapon Test 6:27
12 Ark Pursuit 7:44
13 Sere Kit 6:39
14 The Battle of Typhon 6:57
15 Trust Me 5:07
16 BT-7274 (Redux) [Bonus Track] 3:07
17 Ash (Bonus Track) 5:38
18 Catwalks (Bonus Track) 1:43
19 Combat Efficiency Rating (Bonus Track) 2:14
20 Down to Business (Bonus Track) 4:03
Disc length 91:49



Music Composed by Stephen Barton

Score Producers: Erik Kraber, Nick Laviers, Steve Fukuda and Stephen Barton
Score recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Additional Music recorded at The Michael Fowler Center, Wellington, NZ
Score performed by The London Session Orchestra
Additional music performed by The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Leader: Perry Montague-Mason
Electric Cello: Peter Gregson
Horn Soloist: Richard Watkins
Guitars: Leo Abrahams, Tom Strahle
Percussion: Paul Clarvis, Frank Ricotti
Orchestra Contractor, London: Isobel Griffiths Ltd.
Contracting Assistant, London: Susie Gillis
Orchestra Manager, NZSO: Usha Bhana
Score Recording Engineers: Sam Okell, Graham Kennedy, Andrew Dudman
Pro Tools Engineer: Matt Jones
Studio Manager, Abbey Road: Fiona Gillott
Orchestrations: Stephen Barton, David Andrew Shipps, Kirk Bennett
Score Preparation and Copying: Jill Streater Music Ltd.
Librarian, London: Ann Barnard
Librarian, NZSO: Feby Idrus
Score Mix Engineers: Malcolm Luker, Jonathan Allen, Alan Meyerson
Score Mix Assistant: Jamie Luker
Ambient Music Design: Mel Wesson
Synth Patch Design: Matt Bowdler, Luftrum
Synthesist: Nick Laviers
Special Music Thanks To Margaret Whitman, Abbey Rose Whitman-Barton

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