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A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- Original Soundtrack

『A.I.C.O. Incarnation』オリジナルサウンドトラック


Disc 1

01 Never Say Goodbye to Her 2:04
02 A.I.C.O. 4:40
03 Falling Down to the Future 2:12
04 Artificial Heart Beats 2:24
05 Where a Family Live Still 2:58
06 Going to the Bloody Fields 2:36
07 Dedicated to Unforgettable Days 2:51
08 Just One Tragedy 2:13
09 Non-Stop Madness 2:10
10 Pure & Cure 2:27
11 MATA's Lamentation 2:13
12 Future of Secret Operation 2:14
13 Demon's Steps 2:29
14 Why was it that she was born? 2:19
15 For Kill or Be Killed 2:12
16 Moaning in the Darkness 2:35
17 My Dear A.I.C.O. 3:29
18 Never Say Goodbye to Memories 2:54
Disc length 47:00
Disc 2

01 Michi no Kanata 4:01
02 Always be with Beautiful Mind 2:21
03 Doubt against Our Future 2:33
04 Together Another One 2:26
05 Into the Blind Vision 2:20
06 Realm of the Subconscious 2:47
07 Wild Pressure 2:15
08 Motif on Day-Dream 3:26
09 On the Strange Phase 3:00
10 Report about Unanswered Investigation 2:02
11 Bloody Festa 2:20
12 Under the Flag of Special Forces 2:16
13 Defense Battle Formation Z 2:10
14 Variant People 2:16
15 The Last Stand 2:16
16 Blackness of the Hell 2:08
17 Blank of Last Monologue 3:19
18 Beyond the Future 2:21
Disc length 46:17


All Tracks Composed, Arranged and Produced by Taro Iwashiro

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Kenichi Hayashi
Recorded and Mixed at Sound City Studio
Pre-Recorded at Studio T-T
Recorded from October 23 to November 2 in 2016
Mixed from November 3 to 5 in 2016

Credit of A.I.C.O. / Disc 1 - Track 02
featuring TRUE on Lead and Background Vocals
Words by Miho Karasawa
Music by Taro Iwashiro
Produced by UTAMARO Movement
Mixed at Libera Recording Studio on March 1st in 2017

Credit of Michi no Kanata / Disc 2 - Track 01
featuring Haruka Shiraishi on Lead Vocal
Words by Yuriko Mori
Music by Taro Iwashiro
Produced by UTAMARO Movement
Mixed at Libera Recording Studio on March 2nd in 2017

Manabe Strings Session
Toshihiro Nakanishi on Electric Violin
Akio Suzuki on Soprano Saxophone
Rika Fujii on Sanukite
Satoshii Shouji on Oboe, English Horn and Duduck
Kazushi Saito on Contrabass Flute
Kiyotsugu Amano on Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar
Takashi Yasui on Tin Whistle
Taro Iwashiro on Acoustic Piano and Conducting
Hidetoshi Miyai on MIDI Programming

Recording Production: T-Tone Inc.
Recording Manager: Tsugihiko Sasaki
Musicians Co-ordination: Hiroshi Yamada
Score Preparation: Tokyo Hustle Copy
Assistant Engineer for Sound City Studio: Taiyo Nakayama
Mastering Engineer: Rena Koyanagi
Mastering at form THE MASTER room R on January 26 & 27 in 2018

Package Design: Keiko Seki (SELFISH GENE)
Creative Producer: Yuko Sakayori (Lantis)

Sales promotion Producer: Kei Sahashi (Lantis)
Sales promotion: Ayako Karakawa (Lantis), Mitsuki Takada (Lantis), Satoko Hayakawa (Lantis), Junpei Kogure (Lantis), Shuhei Yamaguchi (Lantis)

Promotion Producer: Yukiko Kougo (Lantis)

Album Producers: Taro Iwashiro and Yohei Kisara (Lantis)
General Producer: Yuuka Sakurai (Lantis), Shigero Saito (Lantis)
Executive Producer: Shunji Inoue (Lantis)

Taro would like to thanks
Jin Aketagawa, all the staff of A.I.C.O. Project, all the staff of Wakuraba
Endless thanks to Kaz Sakamoto of Netflix, Inc.
Warmest thanks to my supportive family
Greatest thanks to Kazuya Murata, BONES

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