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Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise & Fall Original Game Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 08, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal
Publisher2K / /


Composer / Geoff Knorr, Roland Rizzo
Arranger / Geoff Knorr, Phill Boucher
Performer / Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, Kühn Mixed Choir, Poundmaker Singers, Clyde Tootoosis, Cornell Tootoosis, Aaron McGilvery, Greyeagle Cardinal, Gerald Baptiste, Preston Gamble, Benji Weenie, Colin Starblanket, Chris Scribe, Don Nidel, Allan Bonaise, Corey Potts, Trio Kavkasia / (Alan Gasser, Stuart Gelzer, Carl Linich), The Korean Performing Arts Academy of America, Hyung Joo Cho, Soon He So, Chun Kehe, Dami Soh, Sandro Friedrich, Niccolo Seligmann, Patrick McAvinue, Kevin O'Brien, George Hayes, Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry, Legato (Lisa Yengeni, Luyolo Stungu, Phiwo Tyatya, Lwando Lukhukho, Milani Sixakwe), Mihlali Tyatya


Disc 1

01 Rise and Fall 3:17
02 Cree (The Ancient Era) [The Drums of Poundmaker] 3:55
03 Cree (The Medieval Era) [The Drums of Poundmaker] 5:05
04 Cree (The Industrial Era) [The Drums of Poundmaker] 4:28
05 Cree (The Atomic Era) [The Drums of Poundmaker] 4:28
06 Georgia (The Ancient Era) [Shen Khar Venakhi] 2:34
07 Georgia (The Medieval Era) [Tsaiqvanes Tamar Kali; Shen Khar Venakhi] 5:36
08 Georgia (The Industrial Era) [Tsaiqvanes Tamar Kali; Shen Khar Venakhi] 5:53
09 Georgia (The Atomic Era) [Tsaiqvanes Tamar Kali; Shen Khar Venakhi] 5:55
10 Korea (The Ancient Era) [Arirang] 2:31
11 Korea (The Medieval Era) [Arirang] 2:48
12 Korea (The Industrial Era) [Arirang] 4:43
13 Korea (The Atomic Era) [Arirang] 4:42
14 Mapuche (The Ancient Era) [Traditional Mapuche] 2:38
15 Mapuche (The Medieval Era) [Traditional Mapuche] 3:22
16 Mapuche (The Industrial Era) [Traditional Mapuche] 4:26
17 Mapuche (The Atomic Era) [Traditional Mapuche] 4:17
18 Mongolia (The Ancient Era) [Pastor Song; Khoomii Improvisation] 2:37
19 Mongolia (The Medieval Era) [Pastor Song; Urtin Duu] 4:28
20 Mongolia (The Industrial Era) [Pastor Song; Urtin Duu] 4:46
21 Mongolia (The Atomic Era) [Pastor Song; Urtin Duu] 4:46
22 Netherlands (The Ancient Era) [Gaillarde L'esmerillonne] 2:31
23 Netherlands (The Medieval Era) [Gaillarde L'esmerillonne] 3:42
24 Netherlands (The Industrial Era) [Gaillarde L'esmerillonne] 4:18
25 Netherlands (The Atomic Era) [Gaillarde L'esmerillonne] 4:16
26 Scotland (The Ancient Era) [Scotland the Brave; Bonnie Dundee] 3:03
27 Scotland (The Medieval Era) [Scotland the Brave; Bonnie Dundee] 4:21
28 Scotland (The Industrial Era) [Scotland the Brave; Bonnie Dundee] 4:16
29 Scotland (The Atomic Era) [Scotland the Brave; Bonnie Dundee] 4:17
30 Zulu (The Ancient Era) [Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda] 2:36
31 Zulu (The Medieval Era) [Shaka Mamba; Bayisa; Halala] 3:54
32 Zulu (The Industrial Era) [Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda; Halala; Bayisa] 5:25
33 Zulu (The Atomic Era) [Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda; Halala; Bayisa] 4:46
Disc length 134:40



Soundtrack to the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion.

Music composed by Geoff Knorr and Roland Rizzo

Additional electronics and arranging by Phill Boucher

Khoomii, Morin Khuur, and Tovshuur by Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry

Georgian Singing and Instruments by Trio Kavkasia:
Alan Gasser, Tenor
Stuart Gelzer, Bass, chunir
Carl Linich, Tenor, Panduri, Chonguri

Zulu vocals by Legato:
Lisa Yengeni, Soprano
Luyolo Stungu, tenor
Phiwo Tyatya, tenor
Lwando Lukhukho, tenor
Milani Sixakwe, Bass

Mihlali Tyatya, Solo tenor

Caleb Vaughn-Jones and Regulus Sound Productions, Zulu recording session producer & contractor

Cree singing and drumming by the Poundmaker Singers
Clyde Tootoosis, leader
Cornell Tootoosis
Aaron McGilvery
Greyeagle Cardinal
Gerald Baptiste
Preston Gamble
Benji Weenie
Colin Starblanket
Chris Scribe
Don Nidel
Allan Bonaise
Corey Potts

Traditional Korean drumming by the Korean Performing Arts Academy of America:
Hyung Joo Cho, Janggu and gayageum
Soon He So, Kkwaenggwari and gayageum
Chun Kehe, Jing
Dami Soh, Buk

Niccolo Seligmann, Bass Viol, Vielle
Sandro Friedrich, Scottish tin whistle, Fipple flute, Xiao, Pinkillo, Zampona, Quena, Recorder
Patrick McAvinue, fiddle
Kevin O'Brien, Highland Pipes
George Hayes, Scottish snare and tenor drums

Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra
Kühn Mixed Choir


Geoff Knorr - 01, 03, 04, 06~08, 19, 20, 27, 28, 31, 32
Poundmaker Singers - 02
Geoff Knorr, Phill Boucher - 05, 09, 21, 29, 33
Trio Kavkasia - 06
The Korean Performing Arts Academy of America - 10
Roland Rizzo - 11, 12, 15, 16, 23, 24
Roland Rizzo, Phill Boucher - 13, 17, 25
Sandro Friedrich, Phill Boucher - 14
Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry - 18
Sandro Friedrich - 22
Kevin O'Brien, Patrick McAvinue - 26
Legato - 30

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