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Uso Series Complete Vocal Album

ウソシリーズ コンプリートボーカルアルバム
Catalog Number 18623385
Release Date Feb 23, 2018
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 9800 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
PublisherCampus / /


Disc 1

01 True Memories Symphony 4:11
02 True Memories Symphony short ver. 1:48
03 True Memories Symphony inst ver. 4:11
04 A new day-to-day will come. 4:23
05 A new day-to-day will come. Short ver. 1:48
06 A new day-to-day will come. inst ver. 4:23
07 Liar for you ××× 4:31
08 Liar for you ××× Short ver. 1:53
09 Liar for you ××× inst ver. 4:31
10 crazy blood to you 4:33
11 crazy blood to you Short ver. 1:50
12 crazy blood to you inst ver. 4:33
13 Snow World End 4:32
14 Snow World End Short ver. 1:50
15 Snow World End inst ver. 4:32
Disc length 53:29



Full Uso Opening "True Memories Symphony"
Vocal: Sayaka Sasaki
Lyrics: Ayumi.
Compose: Toshinori Orikura from STRIKERS

Haru Uso Opening "A new day-to-day will come."
Vocal/Lyrics: Ayumi.
Compose/Arrange: Hideki Higuchi

Natsu Uso Opening "Liar for you ×××"
Vocal: AiRI
Lyrics: Ayumi.
Compose/Arrange: Toshinori Orikura from STRIKERS

Aki Uso Opening "crazy blood to you"
Vocal: Miyuki Hashimoto
Lyrics: Ayumi.
Compose/Arrange: Rinta Aoki from STRIKERS

Fuyu Uso Opening "Snow World End"
Vocal/Compose: Yui Sakakibara
Lyrics: Ayumi.
Arrange: Toshinori Orikura from STRIKERS

Enclosed with Full Uso -Complete Four Seasons- Regular Edition (JAN: 4529904003642) and Preorder Edition (JAN: 4529904003741).

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